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Infinite Visions Tarot

Характеристика Infinite Visions Tarot — Таро Божественного Видения (Таро Бесконечных Видений)

Автор: Gloria Jean
Художник: Gloria Jean
Издательство:  самиздат Gloria Jean
Производство: США
Состав: 80 карт + инструкция на англ. языке
Язык карт: английский
Размер карт: 64 х 100 мм
Год: 2009

Традиция: Уэйт
Младшие арканы: иллюстрации
Масти: жезлы, чаши, мечи, пентакли
Карты двора: Паж, Рыцарь, Дама, Король
Нумерация: Шут 0 Сила 8 Правосудие 11; дополнительные арканы 23 и 24 арканы — Темный Маг и Темная Жрица.
Категория: художники

Авторская колода. Создана в конце 2009 года. В колоде есть дополнительные 23 и 24 арканы — Темный Маг и Темная Жрица. Автор изготавливает колоду сама в своей домашней типографии. Каждая колода имеет сертификат с номером и подписью автора.

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Если вам нравится традиционное таро и вы цените изобразительное искусство, вам понравится Таро Бесконечных Видений. Изображения арканов этой колоды таро были сделаны с использованием картин старых мастеров и разработаны с учетом традиционной символики Таро. Изображения легко читать и интерпретировать, и они идеально подходит как для начинающих, так и опытных читателей Таро.  Ann Murkett

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Infinite Visions Tarot

The Fool (0)
Card Description:

The Fool is a young boy who is standing on the edge of a cliff, one foot half off the edge. He is reaching for a star which represents his dream. Eager to enter the world and seek his fortune, he is clueless of the pitfalls and perils of life that await him as he plunges forward with gusto.
Meaning of the Fool: 

Faith and folly are the key words for the fool. He is no fool but an innocent who embraces whatever life brings. His motives are simple and his exuberance leaves no room for doubt or fear. In the eyes of the fool who trusts in his instincts, all things are possible. He believes that everything will work out.
In a reading: The fool takes risks because the alternative is to die on the vine. He represents purity of action untouched by experience. Little thought is given to the possibility of failure. The attitude of the fool is that life should be an adventure and if it is not, then what’s the point? Good luck will often be the blessing of the fool and it comes naturally by way of positive thinking and the absence of worry about consequences.
Sometimes the fool stumbles and falls off the cliff and has to learn a hard and valuable lesson in order to progress to the next stage of his path, which is the magician who knows more about how to manifest his desires, and is wiser to the pitfalls of the world. The Fool is innocent and unknowing and yet he follows his dream unrestrained by worry or fear.
Regarding occupation: Trust in the flow as you head into a new direction. Let go of your expectations and be true to yourself and your dream. This is unknown territory and you are entering a new phase. You will be happy if you work at something you are passionate about or interested in. If you feel excitement and joy, go for it, if you have a feeling of dread, then back away. Do what you love.
Regarding Romance: You take a chance on a new relationship. The attraction is overpowering and you will not see the whole picture. The best thing to do in this situation is just stay aware of how you feel take some time to describe it in words. Words like: “Joy, happiness, comfort,” are good, but words like: fear, suspicion, jealousy, anger, are not so good.
Regarding your health: You discover more natural alternative treatment for a lingering problem that gives you new awareness and energy; or you see a new doctor and decide to embark on an exciting journey to renew your health and vitality. You discover that a positive attitude can directly affect your health and energy.
General Advice: Reaching for your dream does not mean you should throw caution to the wind or allow yourself to be blind to the perils of the rocky cliffs you are about to traverse. Follow your passion in this new adventure but open your eyes and look where you are going. It is time to make a plan.
Is the fool wise? Sometimes he is, sometimes he isn’t. What ever choices you make, personal growth is the key when it comes to the fool. Believe in yourself and learn from your experiences.
The Fool

The Magician (1)
Card Description:

Our magician wears a purple robe and is standing over a cauldron surrounded by herbs and bottles of unknown potions. One hand is pointing toward the heavens and the other toward the earth and you can see the electricity and magic that he channels to manifest his reality. He has a dagger in his belt, a staff in his hand and a cup with a pentacle carved in it full of water on the rock behind him. There is a bird in the sky above his head and also one at his feet. Behind him, a nebula of star dust, of which we are all made.
Meaning of the Magician:
The Magician is successful because he believes in himself and is not afraid to take action. He is the ultimate achiever because he formulates a plan and then takes action. He has discovered the formula for success. He uses the power of his will to direct his own destiny.
He or she has learned to use the power of intention and action, along with imagination, emotions, and visualization to formulate and achieve his goals. It is not unconscious energy that gets the magician what he or she wants, as it is with the fool. The magician becomes the designer of his or her personal reality. The magician is a conscious visionary, a conscious co-creator of personal reality.
In a reading: You suddenly notice synchronicity that point to a deeper order and organization. It is because of the action and intention that you have initiated. Financially and health wise your life improves. The law of attraction is at work in your life to bring you what you desire because you have the wisdom to take action with intent.
Regarding occupation: Success is at your doorstep. You begin a new job or get a promotion. Because you do what needs to be done and take action you are going to see the results. Your creative project takes off and your dreams materialize. It is your singleness of purpose and commitment that keeps you going down the path to success. You know what you are doing and why your are doing it. You make plans and carry them out and you practice what you preach. In the eyes of others, it appears that you create miracles. Your energy is contagious and you inspire others. You utilize intention to your work and you take willful and purposeful action. That starts things moving and success is yours. Steer clear of associates who use trickery and manipulation to get what they want because if you hang around with them, it will cast a bad light on you.
Regarding Romance: A new romantic interest comes into your life under unusual circumstances or your current relationship grows and flourishes, rising to the next level. Keep your partner intrigued with your magical creative vitality. You will make a strong impact on him or her with your commitment to doing what needs to be done and keeping the relationship interesting. Be conscious of what is going on with and never take anything for granted. Be in the moment. Put your attention on your partner and take it off of yourself and you will hold him or her captive in your power.
Regarding your health: Suddenly problems clear up and you are feeling much better. You find alternative medicine works well for you. You begin to change your diet. This benefits you and it is not just a passing phase. You decide to take action to improve your energy and health. Remember that illness is a wake-up call and you need to pay attention to any small change in your energy. The thoughts that you think have a tremendous impact on how you feel; particularly your emotions. Listen to you body for clues. Find something to be grateful for. Do something that helps you to feel better emotionally. Something that makes you smile. 
General Advice: It is a good idea to visualize what you want but you must intend to take action. That means that you will take action. The magician knows that wishing and hoping is not going to cut it. He knows that talk is cheap. Talking about what you are going to do or even thinking about it does not produce results. It is the actual doing that will get you the results you want. Use the power of your will to direct your attention and energy towards your goal and then take deliberate and conscious actions. If action does not follow your intentions, then they were not intentions at all.
The Magician

The High Priestess (2)
Card Description:

The High Priestess holds a box in her hands and a scroll under her arm within which are many secrets. She stands in front of an arch which leads to the hidden world of the subconscious. Through the arch behind her we see the night sky lit by a full moon. She wears the crown and garb of a fairy queen.
Meaning of the High Priestess:
The High Priestess is the feminine archetype who sits as guardian and as a veil between the conscious energy of the magician and the inner self. 

She holds the secrets of the subconscious realms that are seldom brought to the surface in daily life. The High priestess shares her feminine energy with the empress who represents woman’s role as mother and wife, but she represents the mysterious and unknown aspect of the feminine principle.
In a reading: The High Priestess tells us to look beyond the obvious situation and see what might be hidden and obscure. There is a secret that eludes you. Are you looking only on the surface of things? The reason may be because you are self absorbed or preoccupied by your own concerns. Think of this situation as the box she holds in her hands and find out what is inside. Delve deeper into the moment and into your own psyche and to listen to that inner voice. Pay attention to the signs around you as they all speak. You must forget yourself in order to open your receptors and receive the truth.
Regarding occupation: A woman at your workplace who listens intently to everything and reveals nothing about herself may be gathering food for gossip. Don’t reveal too much of yourself to her expecting her to do the same. When things are slow at work people tend to entertain themselves with gossip. Don’t participate. Take care that your contribution stays focused on work and not the office gossip. You may be surprised by a promotion or new job opportunity or a raise if you set yourself apart as a person who is serious about your work.
Regarding Romance: You play the waiting game because your significant other seems to have their attention elsewhere. You feel you aren’t hearing the full story. The mystery confounds you. You would like to have all of the attention and know everything about what is going on. The High Priestess can also represent a mysterious woman on the picture, or a detachment towards romance in general. It is difficult to trust someone who seems to be holding something back. Take care that you are not slipping into being too obsessive about it. Direct your attention to and energy into another direction. Create some mystery of your own. Follow your own inner voice.
Regarding your health: If you aren’t comfortable with the prognosis then get a second opinion. Accept nothing at face value and don’t panic or rush into anything. You may not have all the information you need to make decisions about your treatment. Question everything. Pay attention to how you feel. If it doesn’t feel right at the gut level, don’t go through with it. Heed your dreams and be aware of messages and alert for synchronicities that pertain to your health. Do some deep breathing and request a healing from your higher self. Relieve stress in your life everywhere it pops up. Have faith in yourself and your body to direct you to the answers. 
Advice: Learn to distinguish your inner voice from the mental chatter in your brain and trust your intuition. That voice is the part of you that sees more and knows more than you can realize consciously because her view is from a different vantage point. This is the energy of the High Priestess. She is the link between your conscious thoughts and the subconscious.
The High Priestess

The Empress (3)
Card Description:

The Empress card is derived from a portrait of a true empress. It is from a painting of an empress called Maria Fyodorovna by Artist Vladimir Makovsky, a  Russian painter.
She is surrounded by an abundance of wealth and nature and for this card, depicted as as pregnant. Behind her is a deer drinking from a stream and a water fall. At her feet are three white doves. Lilacs and plants, soft furs, rich furniture, wealth and abundance is the energy of the empress. 

Meaning of the Empress:
The Empressis mother, creator and nurturer. In many decks she can be shown as pregnant, as we have done in Infinite Visions Tarot.
She represents the creation of life, of romance, of art or business, or the germination of an idea before it is ready to be fully born. The Empress is often associated with Venus, goddess of beautiful things as well as love, and indeed the Rider-Waite deck brandishes her symbol upon a heart-shaped bolster.
In a reading: Your life revolves around family and swells with abundance. You are the nurturer who takes in strays. You find it hard to resist a new born of any species. The empress can often refer to your own mother. Some decks depict her as the Great Mother Goddess who created the seasons. She is Mother Nature and represents fertility, good luck, success. In astrology she is Venus, the embodiment of emotional love, sensual pleasure and sexual passion. As Mother Nature, she governs cycle of birth, death and rebirth.
Regarding occupation: At work you inspire the lives you touch because it comes from the heart. You find support for your ideas and plans because they are shared by others of like mind. You are an excellent listener and counselor and probably spend too much time listening to other people’s problems while putting your own on the back burner. Your ideas are plentiful and you come up with solutions to most problems. You will do well in occupations that involve animals, children, homemaking or counseling. Even if you are not in one of those occupations that is what you will end up doing on the side and even at work in another profession. Do what you are good at.
Regarding Romance: It’s a very fertile time for romance and your timing is perfect. You are swept up in a sensuous and passionate relationship. You may want to use caution and protection if you don’t want to get pregnant. Don’t mother your significant other. If this card is drawn by a man, it may represent his mother, or a woman who is very sensuous and down to earth who may want to bare his children.
Regarding your health: Your health is good. Now is the time to nurture yourself. If your question is about Pregnancy, it is a distinct possibility. If you are already in a family way, it will be an easy nine months unless other cards indicate otherwise. Avoid stress and surround yourself with nature, garden, flowers and sunshine. Your emotions play an important role in your health. Get involved in a creative project. Your creative energy is at it maximum right now. Take advantage of it. 

Advice: Get out from in front of the television and away from the computer. Now is a the time to get in touch with your surroundings and live in the real world of sights, sounds and physical activities. Turn your talent for nurturing towards yourself with expressions of gratitude for the abundance in your life and you will increase that abundance and continue to reap rewards for your positive thoughts and actions.
The Empress

The Emperor (4)
Card description:

This regal character is not just a king sitting on his thrown, he is an emperor. His face is stern and serious. He dresses the part and holds his staff and his authority with strength and power. His word is law and he looks you straight in the eye. He demands respect. He does not take ‘no’ for an answer easily.
The Emperor represents structure, order and authority figures. He is the boss, the president, the father. His appearance can also represent law and order and the political structures at work in our lives. He is the traditional authority.
The emperor is all about control and creating order out of chaos, or taking charge of a situation. It is about establishing law and order, making rules, and guidelines and enforcing them.
If this card represents the energy of a person, that person is a strong and forceful presence who is very much in charge and in control. Resistance could be difficult or even futile against this energy.
In a reading, The Emperor can represent an encounter with authority, or the law. He can also represent the order in our lives and the assumption of power and control. He is the guy in charge, the president, the boss, and the one who enforces the law. His energy is about authority, order and control. He can represent your father or any other male authority figure. I joke about it, the nic-name in my mind for this guy is “the ass hole in charge.” In a reading, this card can represent a person, but most of the time it represents the energy. Order, rules, laws, and authority. That authority may be a person, but the focus is more on his authority than on him as a person.
Regarding occupation: Your boss can be somewhat dictatorial and annoying at times but he has things under control and you can learn a lot from him. Don’t try to run his business, even if you think you know more than him. (You probably don’t) but in any case, remember your place.
You will find that when you put your plans into action and use your organizational skills they are noticed and you will be noticed for a job well done. Your reward will be a raise or maybe you will just keep your job. Learn everything you can from this job, and from your boss. Try to develope rapport with him. One day you can be the guy in charge if you so choose.
Regarding Romance: Your significant other may not be Indiana Jones, or a romantic, but he or she is reliable, confident, and probably opinionated. The two of you can create a kingdom where you can depend on each other, even when you don’t always agree. He or she may be your boss, or a co-worker. The attraction is not immediate but it grows. You will discover new things about each other and find out that you make a good team, both in business and in a love relationship. Don’t try to be the boss or get involved in power struggles as that will only be a waste of time.
Regarding your health: You are very traditional and you trust in your physician and follow his advice most of the time. Your belief in his ability to heal you contributes to your getting better, but you are not apposed to trying alternative methods. You love a good massage and might try chiropractic treatments and herbs. You won’t speak of this to your physician because you think you may be showing disrespect or a lack of confidence in him. You do this out of respect for him, because you don’t like people to show a lack of confidence in you. You believe in your right to good health and you will pay whatever is required for the magic pill if you believe it could work. You may think you are immune to a snake oil type remedy but you are not, so use some caution. 

Advice: If the situation is chaotic, it means that more organization, order and a strong leadership energy is needed. Ultimately the buck stops at you where the authority for your own state of affairs is concerned. If not, then find out who is really in charge and consult with him or her. The situation requires leadership.
The Emperor
The Hierophant (5)
Card description: 

The hierophant in white robes, descends the stairs to walk among the people who wait for the opportunity to hear him or receive his blessings. He is surrounded by attendants who cater to his needs, and by people who bow and grovel at his feet. In the corner on the right, a king waits to speak to him.
The hierophant is a revered holy man who wields power and influence in his position in society. He speaks with the authority and the wisdom of a higher power. His power influences government, education and traditional family values.
The Hierophant plays an important role in the journey of the fool who travels the royal road represented by the tarot. He is all about tradition, religious dogma and education that influences societies and governments all over the world.
In a reading, this card represents tradition and dealing with or coming up against the powers that be. It represents the establishment. It is organizations, groups, structures, religion and corporate America.
For questions concerning love and relationships, tradition is highlighted and a traditional marriage and ceremony is favored.
Regarding occupation: You may have to align yourself with the powers that be to get where you want to go in your career. Your profession is centered in tradition within the system. It may depend a lot on who you know and how you get along with them. A good strategy would be to begin developing personal relationships and alliances. Use caution to align yourself with the people who can help you but don’t compromise your personal integrity. Learn about how to develop rapport with people. Focus on them and how you can help them and they will be drawn to you. Think of yourself as a politician even if you aren’t.
Regarding Romance: Your relationship is steeped in convention. It is a very traditional courtship where the man does the asking. If marriage is on your mind, it will be a traditional church wedding. Let the man open the door if he wants and don’t be offended. Don’t try to reverse the roles being played or the relationship may backfire. Let it conform to society’s expectations and all will go smoothly. Enjoy the courtship and play the game with style and grace.
Regarding your health: The important thing in your healing is your belief in your chosen method of ritualistic therapy whether it is conventional medicine or alternative therapies. Paramount to healing is your mindset and your belief in your own body’s ability to heal and in your faith to attract the healer that you need. A change in attitude and belief will summon the power that miracles are made of.
General Advice: When making decisions, keep tradition in mind. Your authority rests with you and you answer only to your higher self or that power within that connects us all to that which is God. If the powers that rule are corrupt, it is essential for you to maintain your integrity. Be honest and keep your word. Hold the truth high and do not yield to flattery, bribery or extortion. These are the things of the world and are the domain of the devil.
The Hierophant

The Lovers (6)
Card Description: 

This card looks torn as it appears that a woman is torn between two lovers. On the right, a king is proposing marriage to her. She holds her hand over her heart, as if to withhold her love or protect her heart. Does she love them both? On the left she meets her lover by the window and kisses him, for he is the one she desires.
Meaning of the Lovers:
The lovers card represents an important choice you are faced with that may alter your future. Marriage is such a choice. The choice represented by the lovers card may not be about a marriage but many times it is.
One choice is something you want, and the other may seem to be the practical or better choice. In our card, a woman is torn between the proposal of marriage from a King and her young lover who may not be as well equipped to take care of her. It could be a choice between passion and poverty vs. money and power.
The choice represented by the lovers card often is an ethical choice. Should she chase her passion or opt for security? If she desires wealth, family and security, the King may be a better choice. Is she being selfish to chase her desires or is she being foolish not to follow her heart? It becomes a dilemma between the head and the heart.
In a reading: You feel divided about a major issue. This card can represent both love and sex. It is about choices and decisions that will impact the rest of your life, such as who you will marry. It points to major or sudden changes in your relationship, adjustments in your love life and a choice between security and some sort of personal and risky behavior or opportunity.
You may be struggling with temptation or faced with making a choice between what you view as right or wrong. You could be finding out what you really care about by having to make this choice. The lovers card can also represent a crossroad where a decision must be made or you can’t really move forward.
Regarding occupation: You are in a temporary personal stalemate because you are facing a decision and are feeling conflicted and confused about it. Once you make the decision, expect changes in your career or at work. 

You may be struggling with temptation regarding a co-worker and the attraction going on between the two of you. It is important that you don’t make any hasty decisions and do something foolish that you will regret later. People who work in close contact on a daily basis are often mysteriously drawn together like a wave because of the group dynamic. When the wave passes the attraction will be gone and you will wonder what in the world you were thinking. (If there are no ethical issues involved and the attraction lasts, only then should you consider taking the relationship any further. Heed this advice. Lives and futures depend on you making the right decision. )
Regarding Romance: Decision time has arrived where your current relationship is concerned. You are going through some rough spots where you or your significant other are feeling attracted to someone else. Proceed carefully and consider the consequences of any impulsive actions. If paired with the high priestess, or any court card it often points to something hidden in the relationship. Paired with the three of swords may mean an affair or thoughts of divorce. There may be someone close to you interfering in your marriage or relationship. Avoid confrontation, but attempt to open the lines of communication.
Regarding your health: Before making a self diagnosis about your health, do some probing into your core belief system. You are the one who knows what is going on more that anyone. Consult your higher self and ask for some answers and then be alert for them. You may need to decide whether you want to go through a bunch of medical tests or simply change your lifestyle. Too many people abuse their bodies and then look to their doctor for a magic pill. Try both conventional and alternative therapies and go with what feels right. Get a second opinion on any diagonisis. Do whatever it takes to eliminate stress in your daily life.
Advice: The choice made with your heart may not always work out the way you would like but to choose against your own heart will not take you to your true purpose or to happiness. All decisions are important even if you can’t know where they will lead. A decision must be made. If you choose not to follow your heart your true purpose may be delayed. Be sure it is your true heart speaking and not just a temporary or fleeting desire.

The Lovers

The Chariot (7)
Card Description:

In our Chariot a powerful, warrior sits in a swift chariot, pulled by two horses. One of the steeds is black and the other white. The steeds represent powerful forces, internal or external, that can be controlled to achieve the goal. They are the vehicles for success. The colors of the horses represent the dual nature of the energy.
Meaning of the Chariot:
The Chariot is a masculine energy that conquers by shear force of will and determination. It is the energy of the champion.
The Chariot’s victory is often one that is a win-lose kind. Victory comes from beating your competition. The energy of this card is the energy of the hero who charges forward to conquer his objective.
The key words for this card are victory, and the hero’s journey. It is the iron will and focus that transforms the Chariot into unstoppable energy. The energy of the chariot is not wishing and hoping to achieve an objective, it the intention to do so. Intention and focused attention on the goal is what is needed or present when this card appears.
In a reading: The Chariot is a vehicle or it can symbolize a means to an end. Your journey can be a spiritual one or perhaps an actual trip, usually by car. You are on the move toward a bold new adventure. You have mustered the determination to accomplish something with the use of your will. You know where your are going and what you want to achieve. If you lack focus and determination, this card is telling you that this is what you need. On a more basic level, it can mean the purchase of a car.
Regarding occupation: The struggle at work with your boss or co-workers does not prevent you from finishing your projects successfully. You are better at your job than anyone else and would be difficult to replace. Your boss’s agenda may be different than yours but you can work around it and get things done. In a power struggle you might win the battle but he is the one who can fire you and it would not be beneficial for either party. Just do your job and work around the obstacles.

Regarding Romance: You are a person on a mission and may have little time or inclination for romance, but you do like to have a good time. Your idea of a good time is a weekend adventure doing something you are really interested in. Take someone who is interested in the same things or they will be put off or bored because you don’t pay enough attention to them.
Regarding your health: You would do well with some kind of workout routine that you enjoy and that is not a waste of your valuable time. Don’t over exert yourself because it may effect your job performance. Preventative medicine is the best thing for you so watch your diet and cut down on the junk food and alcohol. When you are stressed or tired, take it easy and get some rest so your immune system can fight off the bugs that are going around. A health problem you have had for a while improves significantly simply because you have not been obsessing about it. 
General Advice: If you want to win you must focus on the goal and keep charging forward with all the strength of will you can muster. the key is determination and focus. The chariot is a force to be reckoned with. If you are riding the chariot, you are headed for victory. The Chariot crushes the opposition. If you are in the path of the chariot, get out of the way.
The Chariot

Strength (8)
Card Description:
The card I chose for strength is from a painting by Wright Barker of Circe the enchantress in her palace, surrounded by tamed lions. She walks among the beasts with courage and confidence. She holds a harp in one hand indicating that she sooths the beasts with music. Her control over them is not by force, but by understanding, love and compassion
The Meaning of Strength:
The strength card is about strength, patience, compassion, and soft control. Rather than controlling with brute force, this energy uses calm persuasion. This is the energy of inner strength, persistence and stamina. It also demonstrates the power of confidence and understanding of human nature. It is a card that represents the power of calm and quiet determination. While patience and calm can be faked by some people when anger is the hidden driving force, this card represents the genuine calm confident force in action. It requires divine love. understanding and wisdom. It will endure.
When I see the strength card I think of my own rapport with cats. Cats are what some people call independent creatures who, unlike dogs, don’t seem to care about human companionship or about pleasing humans. When you can understand cats, you understand that they don’t respond well to hard control.
If they fear you, they can be very dangerous. They will turn on you in a heartbeat. Hence you have to get in their good graces by earning their trust. You can’t fake it with cats either.
They are very sensitive creatures and can pick up on the slightest change in attitude and intention going on in your own psyche. Your love and understanding for them must be genuine in order to gain their trust. This is the reason I chose this painting of Circe for strength. It is a woman, and she is with lions.
A woman is more capable of soft control and more capable of understanding and love. Endurance and patience is something she has had to learn.
This is not to say that men are not capable of the same, but it comes more natural to a woman. She has learned soft control, love and understanding because she cannot exert hard control on someone bigger and stronger than her as a man could. She may also become good at faking it to get what she wants and manipulate.
The story of Samson and Delilah is a good example of this kind of soft control. Her control over the strong Samson was accomplished with her love and understanding. Yet she betrayed him. But that does not mean that she was faking it. She did love him and understand him enough gain his trust.
Picture : Samson and Delilah by Gerrit Van Honthorst. 
In a reading: So many times people will give up just before they reach their goal, unaware that it was just around the next corner. The message of this card is don’t give up. Pace yourself and maintain your resolve. This requires a change of heart or a change of attitude that will support endurance, acceptance, calm, understanding, determination and love. You can only fake it for so long. You must have the genuine ingredients if you want the power of this kind of strength. You can’t control the lion without love, understanding and compassion.
Regarding occupation: Your strength lies in the manner in which you conduct your own personal business and stay out of other people’s business. You are in a strong position at work because you remain independent and at the same time very useful to your company. Your coworkers look to you for guidance and they sense your confidence and strength. They assume you have connections but they don’t know why. Forge ahead with your plans, request a raise. Don’t accept more responsibility without getting more money. Let your boss know that you expect to be paid what you are worth. Do what you need to do but don’t get involved in other people’s petty problems. Keep your own council. 

Regarding Romance: Your sex life sizzles when you meet someone to whom you are instantly attracted to and enter into a passionate affair. If you are already involved with someone the relationship heats up. Your confidence serves to excite your significant other and your love and energy is the real thing and this can be felt. It is what everyone wants. Be sure to maintain your independence and integrity and don’t compromise just to keep the peace. Stay in control.
Regarding your health: Count your blessings, your health take a turn for the better. Take advantage of this to start a new preventative medicine measure and improve your diet. Start an exercise routine and take some time to nurture yourself. Spend 15 minutes per day doing meditation. Put your thoughts and feelings on paper and keep a record of your accomplishments. Get your paperwork in order and do some organizing. This will put you at ease and relieve stress. 
Advice: If you feel you are at the end of your patience, call upon forgiveness and understanding. Practice the law of allowance and don’t resist what is or who people are. Use your calm demeanor to lead people where you want them to go. Speak softly with love and understanding and know your strength is your wisdom and endurance. Remember that a person convinced against his will is not convinced at all. The bottom line is that people want love and the freedom to be themselves.

The Hermit (9)
Card Description:
An old man with a staff sits on a rock beside a roaring mountain stream with some books on his lap. A young boy stands in front of him as he prepares to learn from his teacher. Behind him, the sun peeks over the trees.
The Hermit: Both the seeker and the teacher, the hermit shares what he knows. He is about being introspective, thinking things over, and focusing inward. He has turned away from society and seeks his answers from within.
He symbolized the deeper levels of the psyche, the wisdom of the higher self. He can be a teacher of hidden things, spiritual matters, and occult secrets.
In a reading: This can be a time when you need to get away from your normal routine and just be alone with yourself in quiet introspection. This is a time when you begin to sense what is truly important in life.
Advice: You must first know who you are and how to help yourself before you can help others. By seeking solitude you can can collect and organize your thoughts without the distractions of the world and others. Teaching others what you have learned is one of the best roads to discovery.
The Hermit

Wheel of Fortune (10)
Card Description:
A galaxy spins in space as the wheel of life is spun by the lady of fate. The wheel is represented by the flower of life, a sacred geometry symbol. Caught up in the outer rim of the wheel a woman is rising to the occasion. The wheel of fortune turns and fate temps us in a new direction.
The Wheel of Fortune: The hub of the wheel relates to the stability, but the outer rim means change and taking a gamble on life.
But don’t blame fate for your predicaments, she is your higher self coaxing you in new directions so you can learn what you came here to learn. When the wheel turns, it is usually to your advantage.
In a Reading: Things seem to be picking up and moving right along but you are the only person who can really decide and your daily decisions have brought you to where you are. The nudging from the lady of fate will be gentle at first, but if you don’t move, there are other ways to get you going. Don’t wait for the death card to crash into your life and force needed change, listen to the whispers of the wheel of Fortune, and follow your purpose.
Advice: Don’t hesitate to follow the whisper of the Wheel as you walk through a new door of opportunity. It is time for that good karma to return to you, accept it with confidence and gratitude.

The Wheel of Fortune

Justice (11)
Card Description:
The figure of Justice is a traditional one as she stands on the world before a large pair of scales. She holds the sword of decision in her right hand and her left hand rests over her heart, for sometimes although a decision is fair, it hits close to the heart. Her eyes are not blindfolded, but she places her focus on a star floating just above her head. 

This card symbolizes the truth of the law of attraction, the law of cause and effect and states that while something may not look ‘fair» it always is. It is about Karmic and legal justice. When this card appears it may be a signal to do what needs to be done or a message that karma is coming down.
In a Reading: Whether or not you can see it, justice is the law of cause and effect and karma, and consequences. It is fair and exacting. It is an impersonal law.
Advice: Take responsibility for the situation and for your actions and thoughts because these are what brought you to this moment. Be fair in your dealings with others and in decisions that may tug at your heart. Use detachment and tough love. You know what is right. Always do the right thing. Realize there are consequences to every action and attitude and trust in the law of justice. It is the law of karma and it works through everyone and everything.


The Hanged Man (12)
Card Description:
A man hangs from vines, on a rocky cliff. His hands are resting on some rocks. Below him is the unknown, perhaps a bottomless abyss.
The hanged man is about giving up the struggle and surrendering perceived control of the situation. It is where we find peace and a timeless stillness within. The lesson of the hanged man is that we win by letting go of the struggle, and that is where we find peace.
In a Reading: This is the end of the struggle when You have accepted what is and this brings inner peace which allows you to look at the situation from a different point of view; one that is not so caught up and stressed out from trying to control everything. You realize that you are not the manager of the entire world and you can’t fix everything. You step back from the fracas and sacrifice your part in it, for the good of all. In this state of mind, enlightenment comes with peace.
Advice:Accept what is, and know that abundance is everywhere and will come to the one who operates with creative calm. He who is in a hurry is operating in the competitive state of mind and not the creative state. The competitive state of mind assumes there is a limited supply and limited time. Relax, have faith, accept what is, then enlightenment will be yours.
The Hanged Man

Death (13)
Card Description:
A ghostly figure of a woman walks through a door from a cemetery and into the the light on the other side. Behind her there is darkness, grave stones and fog, in front of her the light represents the unknown but the light is a welcome sight.
I liked this as the death card because death is a transition from one place to another, and the energy of this card is about change that will take us into a different place.
Meaning of Death: This is definitely a card that represents an ending. Its over. The bridge you just crossed is burning. There is no going back.
With death comes rebirth or reawakening. The world behind you is over. The new world is your rebirth into something different.
In a reading: In readings, death represents important endings or forced change. It signals the end of an era. Death represents that which is inevitable and inescapable. When the death card appears in a reading, be prepared for change that is necessary.
Regarding occupation: If you are asking about your job, this card means that your job is coming to an end. This could mean layoff or getting fired. This is probably a job that you dislike anyway but have been unwilling to leave just because you needed the income. You can use this change to seek out a new career. Look for something that you like to do. Ultimately you will benefit from this change. Use visualization and take appropriate action to find the career you want.
Regarding Romance: If its not already obvious that the relationship is over, it should be. The card is telling you that things are changing or need to change. You end the relationship because you have outgrown it. Letting go is always difficult but hanging on will not be beneficial to either party. Its time to move on.
Regarding your health: Take care of health problems as they arise. Your chronic health problems are a message from your inner self to pay attention to your body and your lifestyle and give it the care it deserves. Physical symptoms often associated with this card are constipation, addiction, root canals, migraines or surgeries. You need to free yourself from certain restrictive situations that have you all stressed out. Take care of what ails you and think about changing your lifestyle and some of your unhealthy habits.
General Advice: Now is the time for you to begin your transformation as you release situations and relationships that no longer serve your higher purpose. It is important now that you make the changes that are required to advance spiritually, emotionally and physically. Set yourself free from all that restrict you and put some faith in your higher self who is coaxing you in a new direction. If you are drawing the wheel of fortune card lately, this is a sign that it is time for changes.
Don’t be afraid of change. Don’t run away or try to hide from it. Embrace it when it comes and take it under your power. You can make the decisions you know you must make or they will be made for you.

Temperance (14)
Card Description:
A soldier waits patiently and eagerly as a woman mixes a potion for him. Next to her on the arm of the chair is a mortar and pedestal for grinding ingredients for her secret potions. On the floor are books, a glass of liquid, a piece of bread and a pitcher. There is a bowl being heated by a flame on her right. Looking through the window a man and woman on the deck or patio, embrace. Perhaps the woman in red is mixing a love potion, or perhaps it is potion for good health.
Temperance: When illness and disease are a concern, temperance holds out the promise of vitality and well being. In some decks this card is called the Alchemist.
In a reading: This card indicates a need to mix or combine properly until you find what is right for you or for the situation. Temperance is quiet composure, calm in chaos, and balance in all things. When all about you are losing their heads or composure, there is temperance, calm and quiet. It is also about compromise and tolerance for opinions different than yours.
Compromise for the sake of the relationship is a trait of temperance. She finds the right mixture of the perfect ingredients to make things work. 

Advice: Compromise, balance, moderation and cooperation are vital in this situation. Do what it takes to eliminate stress and clear the body of harmful emotions. If you can’t seem to change a negative attitude, use your will to place your attention on something that gives you joy and peace.

The Devil (15)
Card Description:
This card depicts a man and woman chained together in what appears to be hell. The devil himself is hovering and smiling as he has them in his grip.
In a Reading: This card is not about traditional Hell or the devil, it is about greed and attachment to material things that keep us working like slaves to hold on to what we have collected. It is about attachment and master-slave relationships that bind a couple, not in matrimonial bliss, but in misery and fear.
The Devil is also about addictions of all kinds. Substance abuse, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, sex, material possessions, etc. It is the monkey on our back that keeps us from our spiritual purpose and keeps us from our bliss. The devil keeps us busy and robs our creative spark and energy. He sucks the life and enthusiasm out of us and puts us into slavery.
Advice: Give up self defeating behaviors, bad habits, and negative thinking if you want to improve your situation. Being attached to the things of the world is what places you in bondage to them. You can defeat these addictive patterns with the power of your imagination and your will. Use it to take you in a new direction. Free yourself.

The Devil

Tarot Tower (16)
Card Description:
From out of a dark and stormy sky comes a sea God with a trident. The tower is being brought down, not only by the storm but by the gods, which means that little can be done about this upheaval. The tower represents false beliefs and lies and the structures built on them.   The truth will be revealed.
The aftermath of the tower reveals the truth in the form of an Epiphany or spiritual awakening.
Things are forced in another direction. This can be a spiritual awakening or just a wake-up call. It can also be a warning of things to come.
The tower comes down as a natural result of karmic events and makes way for something completely new. Like the Death card, this card signifies change that is inevidable and probably needed.
Although it may be difficult to see, there are positive aspects of this turn of events. In business, your company crumbles because of lies and corruption, in finances, your stock drops because of fraud and bad investments, In matters of a love, a bad or false relationship falls apart. But these endings lead to new beginnings and these new beginings are almost always improvements over the past and current situation.
Advice: It is better that you know the truth about the situation. When something is built upon the faulty foundation of a lie, it will not withstand the storm. Things that must change will change. This too shall pass and you will come out enlightened, free and new.
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The Tower

The Star (17)
Card Description:
A girl sits alone in the dark under a tree on a blanket holding her hand over her heart; her eyes are closed. An angel descends from a star and is touching her forehead imparting the light channeled through her from the star above.
The Star: For me, this card means more than hope. It is unwavering faith. It is a message that says «Everything will be alright.» It may come to you during trying times and even in the face of the tower or other disturbing events. When it does, it is a message of faith.

This card speaks of the presence that says «I am always with you.» It is a presence that watches, comforts and protects, and one that knows what is in the future and is there to guide you through it. When overcome with grief and despair, the presence of the star can be felt if you are open to it.
Advice: Have faith. Stop for a moment and be still. Feel the presence of the divine self. The star represents that which guides you to your destination and through all the trials and tribulations of life. When you put your faith in this power and surrender to it, everything is as it should be. There is nothing to worry about or fear.
The Star

The Moon (18)
Card Description:
Three mysterious women sit in the nude beside a lake enjoying the full moon. In the background, a lone wolf howls as the face in the moon looks down at the earth.
The Moon: While the High Priestess guards the door to the unconscious, the moon is the darkness and confusion that results when we encounter and fear the unknown. Confusion and fear of the unknown is the energy of the moon. It is superstition and wild imaginings of the strangest kind. It is believing in illusions.
The moon need not be frightening.
The moon connects you to the mystery of the female spirit, emotions, and intuition. Pay attention to your dreams and that inner voice and your spiritual life will deepen. If you conquer your fears of these mysteries you will wield powerful magic.
Advice: Superstition and fear of the unknown can be a tool that is used to control others. Don’t let your imagination take you to a scary place. Educate yourself on that which you fear. Bring light into the darkness, and power into your life. Now is the time to use your imagination to do something wildly creative. Imagination rules the world.
The Moon

The Sun (19)
Card Description:
The Sun is about letting your light shine and about being the center of attention, so I thought this painting was a fitting one for this card. The boy in the picture is surrounded by adoring women. He has wings. He is like a sun God, sent to bring light and enlightenment to all those around him.
As a significator card you will find a person who shines out among his or her peers, who leads with confidence, who wants it all and accepts no less. They tend to want perfection.
This personality also expects great things of himself and has boundless energy. The person with the Sun personality can also be quite self centered or egotistical having an obsession with material success and recognition and loves nothing better than to be the center of attention. They might be a public speaker, a teacher, an actor, a politician.
Success is assured with this energy. The feeling of this card is one of self assurance, feeling confidence and finding truth. It brings inspiration, warmth, excitement into your life.
The opposite of the moon, this card brings clarity of purpose, and represents the mind awakening from sleep. You have survived the darkness and stepped into the light of who you truly are.
Advice: You are most happy when you are in center stage and you can use your charisma and magnetic power of attraction to lead people down any path. Choose carefully where you are going because many will follow.

The Sun

Judgment (20)
Card Description:
In this card a warrior sits on his horse in front of a headstone in a graveyard where he contemplates his own life and death. A spirit arises from the stone and looks back at him. Above him, in the sky to the left, a light shines down on him from the heavens bringing enlightenment to his soul. He is a changed person at this moment.
Judgment: This card is more about self judgment, for who better than ourselves can look back on our lives and see where we have been and ponder where we might go next?
A crossroad and a spiritual awakening where you are entering a new phase of growth. The knight in this picture contemplates his life and death and thinks about how he wants to proceed from here. Shall he release the past and start a new path to a different life or shall he continue to live by the sword and perhaps die by the sword? 

Our Judgment card depicts the soul who ultimately realizes that he is responsible. It is where the past is the past and he suddenly feels removed from it as his soul finds enlightenment and is reborn. Like a new person, he steps onto a new path and leaves the old self behind.
In a reading: It is now that you look back on your life and contemplate what you have learned and it feels like you have been reborn. This is the crossroads where you transform your future and your life. You have awaken and you realize you are not the same person. This is the feeling of being born again, and yet you are in the same skin. The changes are within you. These awakenings can happen many times in many situations as we learn and grow.
Advice: You have come a long way and as you reflect on where you have been you are faced with a choice of where to go next. Take what you have learned to heart and use it towards being a better person and living a better life. Remember that if you keep going in circles it is because you are not learning from your mistakes. Learn; and then get out of that rut and move forward. Be the new person you feel you are. Live the dream.

The World (21)
Card Description:
This figure is from one of William Bougereau’s wonderful paintings. A woman dances in the star dust with the world as her backdrop. She smells the fragrance of a flower and dances in the solar winds. She is stardust manifest. Hers is the joy of living, doing and being.
The World: Happiness, wholeness, and the happy ending to a story or situation. It is an energy that everything is working together to bring you a wholeness and feeling of accomplishment.
In a Reading: The World is a wonderful card because its energy is about counting your blessings and being fulfilled. The world dancer imparts joy that goes deep into the soul. The world and everything in it is yours. But don’t assume that your ultimate goal in life has been attained. This is just a resting point before you begin again as the fool.
Your hard work, knowledge, wisdom, patience, etc, will absolutely pay-off. This card is more about completion than an ending and it is one that brings satisfaction, success fulfillment, and accomplishment. It is also just the beginning of the next phase of the journey down the royal road.
Advice: If there is anything in your life that is not complete, now is the time to reflect and see the completion of this phase so you can move on to the next adventure. You will find joy when you are truly grateful for the blessings of your experience. It is when we give of ourselves and/or truly accomplish something that we find happiness and fulfillment. What good is it to have the world and loose our soul?

The World

Dark Priestess
Card description:
Behind her is a winged demon or devil. This represents her dark energy or the master who pulls her strings. She wears a black veil over her face which represents her hidden agenda and dishonesty. She holds a wand which represents her dark magic and her creative methods of manipulation. She is attractive and harmless looking enough to be unsuspecting. She projects and pretends innocence but is far from it.
This card is a warning. Although this card is a feminine energy, this agent can most certainly be a man. Simply put, she represents an acquaintance who pretends to be a friend, but whose agenda is hidden and whose loyalty lies with opposing forces or directly with your enemy. 

She can be utilized as a double agent and you can glean much information from her, but she cannot be trusted with true secrets as she is sleeping with or married to the enemy. 

It is important to understand that the Dark Priestess represents a person with an agenda who functions as a spy. She may be a friendly acquaintance, associate or co-worker. She collects information and may use it for gossip or for her own agenda. Treat her as politely as you would treat a member of an opposing team and keep her at a distance from your inner circle. She may seem to be a nice person but she is committed to your enemy by choice or obligation. She could even be a member of your immediate family.
Key words: «Married to the enemy» or «Sleeping with the enemy.»
IN A READING: If the dark priestess lands in the first position in a ten card Celtic cross reading look to surrounding cards for an agenda and for information on who is trying to infiltrate your circle and why. In extreme cases, it could be a person working undercover for a traditional system (Hierophant or Emperor) who disapproves of your activities and seeks to discredit you or do damage to your business. 

If the dark priestess shows up in your own personal reading in a future position, be alert for the appearance of a person whose loyalty is ultimately with your enemy or at least certainly not in your best interest. 

The Dark Priestess waits, watches and listens, guarding her own agenda or cause carefully; and she will turn on you in a «New-York-minute» in defense of it when she feels it is necessary. 
Advice: Be aware of your words and who is listening. There may be a spy in your circle with an agenda. You will know the Dark Priestess because with her, there is a sense that she is holding back something. She chooses her words with care, she does not tell all. If she shows up at your door all friendly, its because she wants something from you. Don’t feed her. Tell her only what you would want your enemy to know.

The Dark Magician
Card Description:
When watching a movie you can always tell when something frightening is about to happen by listening to the background music. That is the music of the Dark Magician.
He wears a dark cloak and wields a tarnished sword and his face is hidden in the darkness. The darkness is his friend because it hides his presence. . A wolf behind him watches and the full moon shines overhead.
Lock your doors, sound the drums, something evil this way comes. The energy of this card personifies anger, bad intentions, hateful thoughts, black magic or psychic attacks. It can also represent repressed anger that has degenerated into a deep depression that may be hidden and destructive. This card may simply alert you to an angry presence that could be dangerous. You will probably know who it is.
THE DARK MAGICIAN is sometimes a warning and a head’s up. He is telling you to be aware of an enemy who watches you from a hidden place or maybe even lurks in the heart of a close friend. There is jealously, fear, hatred and disdain, behind this energy.
He is the wounded one who has sank into deep despair, sadness, hopelessness and may express these emotions through anger and violence.
It could be intentional dark magic or natural dark magic; which is done on an unconscious level. The focus and feeling of this card is that an enemy lurks closely, searching for your weakness, and for an opportunity to exploit it.
As far as emotional energy, this card represents the ones at the bottom of the barrel, such as grief, depression, anger, fear, hopelessness and desperation.
In a reverse position, repressed or carefully controlled anger or anger that is subsiding from where it once reached an explosive level.
Be aware of things out of place or situations that just don’t seem quite right. Listen to that voice inside that warns you of an enemy’s presence or approach. Be suspicious of that stranger at your door or some casual acquaintance asking personal questions.
Take steps to protect yourself on the psychic level and take note of strange dreams or nightmares. You may never see or recognize this enemy because the work is done behind the scenes and in the shadows or under the guise of a friend.
Take mental notes of situations or events that stand out as being odd or strange, or a person nearby or in the shadow who seems to focus their attention towards you making you uncomfortable.
Now may not be the time to trust every stranger you meet, or play host to so-called friends whose state of depression or anger drains or disrupts your personal energy.
Pay attention to your own thought processes especially if they do not seem normal. Other thoughts could be intruding into your psyche that are not your own especially if you are a sensitive. This dark energy can come in the guise of a friend with a problem.
Advice: Beware the one who is angry or wounded and be aware that depression is simply repressed anger. A wounded animal is a dangerous one. This is also true with people, particularly the ones closest to you. Be alert.

Ace of Wands
This represents a gift of power, movement, the start of creativity, a burst of enthusiasm or physical energy.  It may be an inspired idea, perhaps involving a new enterprise, which has not been considered before.  All positive beginnings.

Two of Wands
This card may suggest a feeling of being hemmed in. Your desires and aims are being restricted and a new outlook is needed to overcome this. It may represent a conflict within the self or with another representing a battle of opposing forces.

Three of Wands
This represents the establishment of your endeavours. You can now afford to let others assist you in your enterprises, as you have done the necessary preparatory work.  You have grasped and grounded your potential so there will be expansion in your horizons due to the knowledge you have gained from your initiatives.  Someone from afar may be thinking of you.

Four of Wands
This represents a harvest of harmony, contentment, peace and pleasure.  There will be personal achievements and a feeling of material well-being.  There may be satisfaction regarding a new home or other real estate.

Five of Wands
This card represents struggles, obstacles, endeavours, labours, competition and strife. It may mean that you will be pitting your wits against others in some way. Lively discussions could emanate either with one person or with many people. There could be tests, ordeals even battles, but generally minor problems are associated with this card. Collaboration may be the end result.

Six of Wands
This represents the promise of victory.  It means that success is assured and positive thinking will win the day.  Your efforts will be rewarded and recognised and any problems can be sorted out with confidence.

Seven of Wands
This represents courage, determination, inner strength and valour in the face of misfortune or challenge.  Now is the time to beat off any problems and adversity then stand your ground.  Battling will erase doubts and uncertainties and sustained effort will overcome any obstacles being with it eventual reward.  You may even feel invincible or have the upper hand.

Eight of Wands
This card is associated with movement.  There may be lots of news coming in very quickly.  Positive or passionate energy is flowing your way.  It may mean a quick resolution of problems and hasty decisions.  Communication in all its forms may be represented.  There will be swift action and associated activity.  Enthusiasm, co-operation, progress and understanding will be to the fore.

Nine of Wands
This is a card of great strength.  You have the ability and courage of stand in front of your problems and create such an impenetrable position that attack on you will be met with suitable resistance. The risk of conflict will be there constantly, but you will always have strength in reserve in any confrontation.

Ten of Wands
This card represents oppression.  You may be carrying all of the responsibility and burdens at the moment  There may be many problems and commitments to be sorted out — some you have taken on yourself — but help is at hand.

Page of Wands
This is a warm-hearted person who may be a relative, friend acquaintance or not known to you, who acts as a messenger bringing spoken news of some kind.  This individual may not remain very long, but optimism, enthusiasm and excitement is imbued into the situation.

Knight of Wands
This person may be full of self-confidence but it might be more than is prudent.  He also represents, departure, travel, freedom and movement.  He is alert and acts on impulse often making a quick decision to do something.

Queen of Wands
She is a warm-hearted woman who is a devoted friend.  She is a warm generous and kind-hearted lady whose fire burns brightly.  You can tell her secrets because she is very discreet.  She is also dependable and will help you if you need assistance.

King of Wands
He is a warm-hearted man and leader. As he has become mature his freedom has become restricted. He has chosen responsibility but impatience is now depicted. He is a very strong and kind person and he makes a good friend or lover. He is passionate in his friendships, life in general and about good causes.

Ace of Cups
This card brings a gift of love, great joy, emotional energy and the contemplation of new happiness. It may herald the birth of a baby, a blessing or the start of love in all its forms.

Two of Cups
This card indicates the love or deep friendship binding two people.  This is all about emotional partnerships and how mutual support and understanding are brought into them.  There may be a mutually satisfying contract on offer.

Three of Cups
This suggests hospitality and harmonious celebrations. Perhaps a visit is on offer. Maybe a welcome awaits you from family or friends. The word is fun and it is time to experience it.

Four of Cups
This is the card of feeling discontent.  There may be confusion, despondency, boredom or just apathy.  You may be feeling fed up just because you have to do the things you do not wish to do.  There is a feeling of ‘No, don’t want to’. This is a shame because new hope and opportunity is being offered within these troubled waters and emotionally you could benefit from this.

Five of Cups
This card indicates loss or disappointment.  There may be something missing in your life, but don’t dwell on the pain.  All is not lost, but you will need to look at the circumstances again.  There will be sadness and some regret but there is still love to take forward into a new situation or relationship.

Six of Cups
This card represents the pleasure and nostalgia which comes from days of yore.  A memory may be rekindled or you may meet someone from your past.   It may even mean renewing an acquaintance with a place which may have been visited in the past.

Seven of Cups
This is a card of choice and possibility.  A time of deciding what options are open and what you want to do.  It may be a case of wishful thinking, but if you know what you want set it free.  Go for it!.

Eight of Cups
This card implies that no matter how much emotional energy and feeling you have put into a situation, it has to be abandoned.  However, although it is no longer viable there has been no grief caused, everything is still intact.  There is a suggestion that it might simply imply that you have to let go of a situation that no longer gives you the stimulation you need.  However, it may mean literally walking or journeying alone.

Nine of Cups
This card suggests that emotional stability, comfort, happiness, harmony and inner contentment are included in this card.  There is a feeling of well-being and satisfaction.  There is also the sense of wishes come true at this time.

Ten of Cups
This card represents ultimate joy, happiness, affection and love.  It may represent matters concerning the family. It is a time when true feelings may manifest themselves.  Now you will experience genuine emotional contentment and harmonious relationships.

Page of Cups
This card may represent a loving child or young person who will ask a favour or kindness of you.  This individual can be approached as there is an innocence, which reflects and ability to bring about gentle soul searching and contemplation.  There may be new beginnings in a relationship or friendship.

Knight of Cups
This person has his wants to the fore.  He is searching to find and attain his true needs.  This may be something of necessity he needs to do — to search for the person or thing which provides emotional security.

Queen of Cups
She is a woman of complex emotions and is so sensitive and intense, she relies on her intuition rather than her natural common sense.  Her affections can be shallow at times.  This lady may seem as if she lives in the realms of fantasy and wishful thinking, but there is a devotion to her friends and family, which cannot be denied to her.  She has the attention of many admirers because of who she is.

King of Cups
He is our man of complex emotions.  He tends to be a very private person.  He is also protecting himself from being hurt.  Because of this he will not share his real feelings or inner thoughts, or even show them by the look of his face.  His counsel is wise, compassionate and he comes from a scientific base.  He will be a respected person in the community.

Ace of Swords
This card represents the gift of truth or definition of purpose.  It also embodies wisdom, reality, strength and clarity of thoughts.  It may allow you to speak your mind on a particular subject.  As this gift is short-lived use it to its advantage when given to you.  This card may help you bring force of personality and pressure to bear when trying to negotiate on something.  Getting to grips with the task in question may also be an option.

Two of Swords
This is the card of indecision causing stalemate, confusion and delay.  Many avenues may have been tried until it dawns on you that there is a logical way forward to find the right direction.  Action cannot be delayed for too long.

Three of Swords
It suggests quarrels, strife, hurt, loss or heartache.  Sorrow or guilt could be the underlying cause.  You may need to be less sensitive so that people do not upset you as much or make you feel slighted.  You may hate being teased as this generally leads to tears being shed.

Four of Swords
This represents quiet contemplation, relaxation or isolation.  It may mean that you are contemplating a holiday or retreat, or one may be on offer after a fretful period of time.  It also implies recuperation after a period of stress or illness.  Perhaps you should be taking time out to consider various options.

Five of Swords
This card intimates that you may be beaten by circumstances in this instance, but you can salvage the situation by trying again later.  You may be in a situation where there is conflict or a battle of wills.  You may have to accept limitation if you don’t want to lose.

Six of Swords
This card represents a journey from troubled to smoother times.  This journey can actually be over water, but it may represent an emotional problem, such as depression or sorrow and the sheer relief that it is now coming to an end.  The message is that things will now be on the up.

Seven of Swords
This card means that nothing is going right and your plans have gone awry.  You do not achieve what you set out to do.  You may have taken a shortcut, which means you do not reach your objective.  This could involve a mishap.  You may not be able to see the situation as a whole at the present time, but this will become clearer to you.

Eight of Swords
Fear and bewilderment are causing restrictions and you do not know what to do The thing is to stop panicking. You may be feeling trapped, but there is an easy way out of your predicament. It is only the confusion of the situation, which prevents you from seeing and walking away.

Nine of Swords
This may represent a deep concern or a panicky situation, which is nowhere near as bad as you first thought.  It may seem like a nightmare — all doom and disaster — but of course the reality is different and it is a fear you can master.  It can also herald a heart stopping moment — nothing bad — which can bring you on full alert for a few seconds.

Ten of Swords
This card suggests mental exhaustion in some form. You may feel you have hit rock bottom and reached crisis point, but are too tired to do anything about it. You may have been working too hard or burning the midnight oil, so it might be wise to ease up. However, a new dawn is breaking and things are about to change.

Page of Swords
This person may represent someone who is on the defensive.  This individual will be causing irritation plus upset and making you feel very prickly, in other words a pain in the neck.  This may be a child being naughty and up to no good, or an adult causing you annoyance and hassle by actions within the home or business environment.  You can not believe this behaviour is taking place and you feel very let down.

Knight of Swords
This person brings events to the fore with great haste.  He may be the type of person who has to be told what to do and where to go, but he will carry out that work with mental dexterity and with speed.  This card may also presage that someone will upset you by knowingly causing mischief with malicious intent.

Queen of Swords
She has had her disappointments in life.  This card implies she is sad because she has been let down in some way.  But she will learn to give love and affection again.  She has a strong will, a powerful mental agility and insight, with the determination and wisdom to gain strength which will enable her to cope with any loss or sorrow.

King of Swords
This man is a harsh but just person.  He may represent a professional man — lawyer, etc or someone who works in the services.  He administers his life, through the knowledge he has gained, with authority and organization — a place for everything and everything in its place.  He likes to guide people into his way of thinking and to lay down the law as he see it.  He demands justice because of a principle.

Ace of Pentacles
This may indicate a gift being bestowed on you. It can be an object or something that brings fulfilment. It may also suggest a purchase, statement of account, a contract letter or a circular which will be of interest to you, for example an education course. It usually has a connection with money. It may indicate that there may be a new financial project starting in the near future. Whatever it is will manifest itself shortly.

Two of Pentacles
You need to keep all your projects in balance and not let them get out of hand.  Nothing must take priority at this time. You must keep your options open and maintain the balance and harmony.

Three of Pentacles
This card suggests you will be negotiating, planning and finalizing your arrangements so that a certain course of action can be taken.  You have the skill and learned knowledge to provide for your future prosperity, as it comes from a sound base such as qualifications or a skilled trade.  This card can also presage an event that will take place in three days time.

Four of Pentacles
You may be clinging on to your ideals and possessions and not letting go.  These acquisitions may have taken years to obtain and have given you financial stability.  No one will take them from you without a very good reason.  It may also deal with the number four.

Five of Pentacles
This card shows that you are not looking ahead and cannot see what is happening in your life and what you want it to be.  Through circumstances you may be distancing yourself from our emotions leaving yourself very isolated.  Physically you would be feeling cold or even have a cold.  You may be worrying about your finances at this time.

Six of Pentacles
It can mean that you are paying out energy or goodwill — perhaps being generous with your money.  You may be a busy person doing practical things even trying to do too many tasks in a short period of time.  You may be donating to charitable causes or sharing our finances and time with other people.

Seven of Pentacles
This card advises you to step back and evaluate the situation or task before choosing a pathway.  It may be a question of biding your time and waiting for an opportunity to present itself.  It may also seem as if everyday life is carrying on as usual while you are expected to make this decision.  There may be two choices but one has a lot more going for it than the other.

Eight of Pentacles
You may be working to complete a task and you are dedicated to  your chosen goal.  There may have been an apprenticeship for this work or it may have been a raw talent, but you have a natural ability to improve or complete tasks which will allow you to find monetary reward for your endeavours.

Nine of Pentacles
This card intimates that you are looking for your personal interests and goals. It means that you have achieved what you have set out to do and you have done this through your own efforts. It is this singularity of purpose that brings with it its own sense of fulfilment.

Ten of Pentacles
This is the card of ultimate success as well as financial stability. There will be material security and just rewards for the work completed. It can also mean a dwelling such as the family home or a place of work. It may be time to learn to appreciate what you have.

Page of Pentacles
Here is a very diligent person who is very hard working and industrious. There may be concentration on his studies which tends to make him appear serious. It may also mean a job well done or things to do. This individual may also be asking, Will you do ..? Have you got…? Someone may do something for which you are entitled to feel proud.

Knight of Pentacles
This is a very hard working person. He is very reliable and he never gives up. Some people may think he is stuck in a rut. However, he may be suggesting that caution and patience are required and a methodical approach is needed to this situation. It may represent circumstances which may have dragged on for a long time.

Queen of Pentacles
This person is a very practical lady, very good at organization.  She has found her niche in life running a home or a business and a demanding job.  She enjoys the rewards that success brings.

King of Pentacles
He is a very practical and ambitious man. He enjoys the lifestyle, position and security that he has achieve through hard work. But it is a question of love me love my job and with this man his work could always take priority. Also now he wishes to own and enjoy material possessions which may have been denied to him previously.

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