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Neuzeit Tarot

Характеристика Neuzeit Tarot (New Age Tarot) — Таро Нового Века

Варианты названий: New Age Tarot, Le Tarot du Nouvel Age

Автор: Walter Wegmüller
Художник: Walter Wegmüller
Издательство: AGM Muller; US Games Systems
Производство: Швейцария; США
Состав: 78 карт + инструкция
Язык карт: немецкий, английский, французский
Размер карт: 70×110 мм
Год: 1982, 1992
ISBN: 978-3-905021-51-6; 978-0880790468 US Games

Традиция: Смешанная
Младшие арканы: символы масти
Масти: жезлы, чаши, мечи, пентакли
Карты двора: Паж, Рыцарь, Дама, Король
Нумерация: Шут 0 Сила 11 Правосудие 8
Категория: сюрреализм

Другие колоды Walter WegmüllerЦыганское таро — Gipsy Tarot Tsigane (Zigeuner Tarot)

Очень непростая колода Таро Нового Века. Личности на картах Таро  имеют чудные лица, а некоторые карты просто странны. Названия карт печатаются на английском, французском и немецком языках. Образы напоминают таковые из Цыганского таро.

Где купить Neuzeit Tarot (New Age Tarot) — Таро Нового Века

*Ссылки на магазины показывают, что там была замечена данная колода.

Обзор с зарубежных сайтов

Обзор Neuzeit Tarot (New Age Tarot) — Таро Нового Века

Швейцарский художник Walter Wegmüller непосредственно вырос и впитал в себя романо-цыганскую культуру. Поэтому нетерпеливое ожидание нового века — миллениума воплотилось в необычных художественных работах этого опытного дизайнера-художника. В картах переплетается Старая символика и ожидания нового небесного мира. Каждая из карт заключена в оригинальную, отличную от других, рамку. Многие из младших арканов отражают легенды цыганской культуры.  Все названия карт даны на немецком, английском и французском языках. художник Walter Wegmüller. Состав: 78 карт. Размеры: 70 х 110 мм. Язык: Немецкий. Дата релиза: 1982

МБК значения: Neuzeit Tarot (New Age Tarot) — Таро Нового Века


Интерпретация арканов Neuzeit Tarot — New Age Tarot

The Fool
Upright Interpretation
Difficulties resolved through external circumstances.  Fortune in misfortune.  Escape from a difficult situation.  Fool’s or finder’s luck.
Reversed Interpretation
Clumsiness.  Bad or stupid friendships.  Fear of animals.  Disturbance of consciousness.

The Magician
Upright Interpretation
Successful examinations, tests.  Mastery.  Lucky experiments.  Independence.  Self-fulfilment, talent, precocity.
Reversed Interpretation
Immaturity.  Dangerous player or gambler.  Lack of perseverance.  Manual or physical inabilities. Stupidity.  Difficulties with one’s work.   Always in mortal danger.  Active in intention only.  Unreliability.

The High Priestess
Upright Interpretation
Listen to the advice of your mother or of a fortune-teller in matters of love. Consult a herbal doctor. Take care of the dark sides of your ego. Solve old problems now. Initiation by a woman. Keep secrets! Healing powers.
Reversed Interpretation
The night brings difficulties. A woman from the family takes revenge. Submissive attitude towards women. Irresponsibility. Quarrels with one’s mother-in-law. Contempt for the healing forces of nature. Insomnia due to night-shades.

The Empress
Upright Interpretation
The way to your partner is open. Good fortune in love. Ask advice from an old woman in matters of conception. The man should listen to his wife. Relaxation through eroticism.
Reversed Interpretation
Impotence. Fear of erotic love and of women. Mother complexes. Sexual neuroses. Difficulties with the children.

The Emperor
Upright Interpretation
Take command! Confront your enemies. Good results from a vote. Deepen friendships. Ask for a pay rise! Take advantage of the moment.
Reversed Interpretation
Strong adversity. Differences of opinion. Political defeat Betrayal by friends and followers. Neglect of one’s family.

The Hierophant
Upright Interpretation
Counsel from an old sage. Let faith be part of your daily life. Ancient knowledge will help take you further. Visit holy places! Thoughtfulness.
Reversed Interpretation
You revere the wrong gods and are taken advantage of. You encourage your own weaknesses and dishonesty. False friends. Disbelief. Spreading false facts.

Upright Interpretation
Success through independent decisions. Refusing to decide is nonetheless a decision! Immobility leads to stagnation. All-round and versatile education. Wealth implies responsibility.
Reversed Interpretation
Indecision. Victim of a bluff and of one’s wealth. Bondage, helplessness, dependence, aimlessness. A parasite.

The Chariot
Upright Interpretation
Firm leadership will help you reach your goal quicker. The forces of man and woman are united. Successful journeys. Frontal danger. Take better care of yourself.
Reversed Interpretation
Not reaching one’s goal. Bad lifestyle due to ignorance. The wrong partner. Lack of physical control. You have chosen the wrong party. Bad guidance. You are a danger to your environment.

Upright Interpretation
Having justice on one’s side. Fighting against injustice. You may trust visitors. Support of a just cause.
Reversed Interpretation
Negative verdict. Rights are lost. A lesson learnt from a woman. If there is a dispute, give in. Loss of support. Understanding comes too late.

The Hermit
Upright Interpretation
You will find a good teacher. Solitude and contemplation. Learn from religious wisdom. Listen to the advice of an older person. Pay more heed to your guru/teacher.
Reversed Interpretation
Loneliness. Rapid ageing. Problems. Old people become a burden. Failure to find an important solution. Fighting a losing battle.

The Wheel of Fortune
Upright Interpretation
Good health. Positive verdict in court. You are on the right track. Happiness and money come into the family. Ingenuity. Escape from misfortune.
Reversed Interpretation
Luck runs away from you. Bad gambler. Ill fortune in love. Misfortune on a long journey. Bad surprises.

Upright Interpretation
The instant of love at its most intense. Energies are well distributed between the body and the mind. A sports victory. Creativity through harmony with nature and the animal world. Learn to use your consciousness. Solve problems for yourself.
Reversed Interpretation
Loss of strength and consciousness. Bad contacts with animals. Rupture with society. Misuse of friendship. Danger caused by the earth. Lack of physical control. Aggression.

The Test
Upright Interpretation
Isolation. A time of study and contemplation, in search of greater lucidity. Important discoveries and realisations, a new way of look at life. Try and reach an understanding of the ways of one’s ancestors. Tests — gathering of the forces of memory.
Reversed Interpretation
Difficulties. Loss of one’s global vision. Forgetfulness. Equilibrium disorders. Losses in general. Pretentiousness. Stubbornness. Contempt of nature. Dodging the issue!

Upright Interpretation
End of political career. Professional fortune no longer shines on you. Release from great difficulties in life or from an illness. No more longing or homestickness. Bad surprises. Home truths confirmed. Contracts with the world of one’s ancestors. Loss of a relative.
Reversed Interpretation
Longing and homesickness. Accidents. One is forgotten. Contempt. Death penalty. The end of a political administration. War with deadly outcome.

Upright Interpretation
Organize your life and work differently. Define boundaries. Control and adjust dimensions. Justice. Determine the right amount of work you should be doing and the right of food and drugs you should be taking.
Reversed Interpretation
Excess in all things. Gluttony, drug abuse, dipsomania, avarice. Criminal misuse of the sense of measure.

The Devil
Upright Interpretation
Power over weaker beings, including animals and plants. Lucky coincidences. Abuse of confidence. Pleasure in the subjection of others. Intrigues.
Reversed Interpretation
Sado-masochistic tendencies. Sexual manias. Possessiveness. Tyranny. Betrayer of secrets. Double agent. Swindler. Provocateur. Seducer. The conscious inducement of a depression in oneself or in others.

Upright Interpretation
Divine intervention. Profit. Work well-paid. The goal is almost in sight. Money obtained through stupidity. Promotion by trampling over others. Inheritance.
Reversed Interpretation
Loss of a good position. Downfall. Financial losses. Irresponsibility. Exploitation. Misleading others. Selfishness. Greed. Diseases of the brain.

The Stars
Upright Interpretation
The climax of consciousness. Easy childbirth. Happy children. A sense of traditions. Awakening and development of the woman. Taking care of your beings. Surprises.
Reversed Interpretation
Bad character traits show. Life energies dwindle. Bad seed. Pseudo-pregnancy. Frigidity. Destruction of young beings. One is deprived of the world, of one’s mother or both parents. Children’s diseases.

The Moon
Upright Interpretation
The spirits of the night are well-intentioned and help you to flee. Old wealth comes to light. Think about your own attitude towards life. Help from a stranger.
Reversed Interpretation
Blindness. Nights fears. A ‘night person’. Depression. Photophobic. Criminal tendencies. Seduction. Unfaithfulness. Lunacy. Jail.

The Sun
Upright Interpretation
A time of maturation. A deepening of one’s consciousness. A better understanding of one’s surroundings. Fortification and healing of the body. Luck in love. Things lost reappear. Farsightedness.
Reversed Interpretation
Misfortune in love. Impaired awareness. Loss of joie de vivre. Impaired growth. Obscuration. No peace found.

The Judgement
Upright Interpretation
Overcoming pain. The end of a family feud or an illness. Calm is restored to nature. Peace among neighbours. Good news.
Reversed Interpretation
The extinction of a family. Natural disasters. Incurable diseases. Loss within the family. Poisoning.

The World
Upright Interpretation
Motherhood. Female advice affords a new direction in life. Old age. Listen to inner and outer echos. Peace. A rich harvest. Listen to what your mother says!
Reversed Interpretation
Sterility. Danger due to natural disasters. Destruction of sacred places. World famine. Abuse of the laws of nature. Ingratitude.

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