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SOUL CATS TAROT в апреле 2022


Leeza Robertson, Adam Oehlers

Набор 78 карт + 216 стр. книга на англ. языке 


Raven Digitalis, Konstantin Bax
Набор 40 карт + 196 стр. книга на англ. языке

TAROT OF DRAGONS в июне 2022


Shawn MacKenzie, Firat Solhan

Набор 78 карт + 216 стр. книга на англ. языке  


Anatomy of a Witch Oracle в августе 2022
Набор 48 карт + 192 стр. книга на англ. языке 


U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Great Eastern Oracle
Great Eastern Oracle

Explore the divine philosophies of forty mystics through the insight and artistry of Rassouli. Open secret doors, and wander into spiritual enrichment with the wisdom of Confucius, Gurdjieff, Rumi, Gibran and others.

Seeker Oracle 

Seeker Oracle

Seeker Oracle is for the inquisitive, the questioning, and those curious, not just about who they are, but who they can become. Your 55 fantastical companions will walk with you, share their insight and nudge you further along your exquisite journey of discovery.

The Stoller Tarot in a Tin 

  • The Stoller Tarot in a Tin
    Comic strip artist Adam Stoller takes a humorous approach to traditional tarot with colorful cartoon-like artwork and reimagined symbols and figures. Tarot readers will enjoy searching for mischievous meanings and amusing correspondences in this delightful pocket-sized deck in a tin.


    Tarot Neocolonial de las Américas 
    Tarot Neocolonial de las Américas
    As a Puerto Rican artist, Patrick McGrath Muñiz felt compelled to address issues of social and economic struggles within his tarot art. The result is a stunning series of visual narratives depicting 500 years of colonialization and conquests in Latin America.

    Oracle of Light & Dreams  

  • Oracle of Light & Dreams
    English fantasy artist Scot Howden has created inspiring characters who share their bravery, strength and wisdom in this enchanting oracle deck. Let each of their stories lift your spirits, ignite your imagination and fill your dreams with hope.

    Goddess Spirit Oracle Deck

  • Goddess Spirit Oracle Deck
    Goddess Spirit is alive around the globe as teacher, healer, leader and mighty protector. She is fertile maiden, wise crone, and guardian of life. Use this oracle to awaken her magic within yourself.


  • Mandala Healing Oracle 
    Mandala Healing Oracle
    As you explore the beautiful mandalas in the 44 circular cards you will delve into the hidden hues, rich imagery and glorious metaphor of your subconscious, your higher self, and your innate potential.


  • Twin Flame Ascension™
    Twin Flame Ascension™
    Twin flame ascension is a self-actualization process that begins when your inner soul-self becomes activated through a spiritual awakening. The imagery and energy of the deck guides you through the rebirthing process, which allows a shift in perception, new insight, and greater fulfillment in all areas of life.


  • Wisdom from the Epics of Hind  
    Wisdom from the Epics of Hind
    This intriguing set presents insight from Indian stories, teachings, sutras and legends, as well as the wisdom from the classic Hindu epics the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The colorful 50-card deck includes 25 female and 25 male cards.


  • Heavenly Bloom Tarot Deck
    Heavenly Bloom Tarot Deck
    Heavenly Bloom Tarot blossoms with inspiration from both the natural and fantasy realms. Beautiful floral elements throughout convey peace and optimism.


  • Calming Inspirations: 55 Messages to Soothe, Comfort, Ease and Unify 
    Calming Inspirations: 55 Messages to Soothe, Comfort, Ease and Unify
    With the tender guidance of this mini deck you’ll find your way and feel encouraged to help heal the world.


  • The Witching Hour Oracle
    The Witching Hour Oracle
    The Witching Hour is the time when the infinite energy of the universe is strongest and most accessible. Channel the wisdom of the Triple Goddess and the power of the lunar cycles to manifest potent outcomes.


  • Wisdom of Hafiz Oracle Deck
    Wisdom of Hafiz
    Hafiz invites you to remember the ancient wisdom that lives within your soul. Whether you seek guidance, support, inspiration or a new perspective, the spirit of the Sufi poet encourages you to look inward.


  • When My Soul Whispered Oracle Deck
    When My Soul Whispered Oracle Deck
    When My Soul Whispered Oracle presents charming minimalistic imagery from the realms of nature and spirituality. The delicate chakra-based watercolor artwork in the 44-card deck serves as a starting point for readers to contemplate the card meanings on a profoundly personal soul level.