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The Journey into Egypt Tarot

Характеристика Journey into Egypt Tarot — Путешествие по Египетскому Таро

Оригинальное название: The Journey into Egypt Tarot

Автор: Julie Cuccia-Watts
Художник: Julie Cuccia-Watts
Издательство: NEW.MOON.TRADING.Co
Производство: самиздат
Состав: 78 карт, книга на англ. языке
Язык карт: английский
Размер карт:
Год: 2013
ISBN: 9781300860303 книга, 9781300857365 набор

Традиция: Уникальная
Младшие арканы: иллюстрации
Масти: жезлы, чаши, мечи, пентакли
Карты двора: Паж, Рыцарь, Дама, Король
Нумерация: Шут 0 Сила 8 Правосудие 11
Категория: древнеегипетская, астрология; мультикультурная

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Очередная колода Julie Cuccia-Watts, посвященная тайнам Древнего Египта. На картах даны авторские астрологические соответствия и лунные циклы.

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Тароман — карты Таро

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Обзор Journey into Egypt Tarot — Путешествие по Египетскому Таро

Аннотация: Джули Кучия Уоттс является создателем трех оригинальных мультикультурных колод Таро: Таро Путь предков (1996 US Games  Systems, Inc), Таро Голубой луны (1998), Маат Таро (2006). Теперь она выпустила свою четвертую колоду Таро. Новое Путешествие в Египетское Таро основывается на знаниях, заложенных в Маат Таро — идеях, основанных на прецессии равноденствий, а также астрологических соответствиях. Откройте для себя соответствия и удивительные сходства между древнеегипетским календарем и современной астрологией. Это Таро — удивительная находка, то, что вы никогда не видели раньше.  После двух поездок в Египет в 2007 и 2009, Джули узнала и почувствовала во время пребывания в Египте, как раскрываются ее медиумические способности через Таро. Используя мифы, историю, концепции археологические и шаманские путешествия, она создает специальный инструмент Таро. Совершите путешествие в Египет с использованием изысканной ручной работы опытного художника Таро. Читайте истории из реальной жизни с помощью мастей. Надеемся, вы будет удивлены, раскрыв тайны, которые были скрыты из виду в течение тысяч лет.

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Форум Эклектик NEW Study Group for Journey into Egypt Tarot
Блог автора newmoontradingco.blogspot
James Ricklef’s Tarot Blog Deck creator forum — Julie Cuccia-Watts (интервью)

МБК значения: Journey into Egypt Tarot — Путешествие по Египетскому Таро

Here is a little taste of the structure of this new deck.
Center Card center of the Wheel…In the Beginning Atum created …The World- Geb the earth god surrounded by Nut the night sky… before they were separated by Shu.

Ace of Swords- element of Fire- direction west /fall/Egyptian planting and growing season the setting sun doorway to the far world, mysteries, the end is the new beginning the sun sets and the seed goes into the ground. Active principle. Image of an Egyptian styled sword. Alexander the Great liked the design so much that he adopted it for his army. The sword forged in fire reveals the nature of swords and fire both dangerous and yet life saving. The essence of fire is found in all things as it is essentially the energy of the sun.

Ace of Coins -element of Earth-direction north- /Egyptian growing and harvest season direction of the immortals, the unchanging stars, Receptive principle. The image is a Ptolemic Era coin lying on a mosaic tile floor. Coins were not used in Egypt until the Greco Roman period payments would have been made in the form of acquisitions or gold (rings)

Ace of Wands — element of Air- direction east Egyptian dry season after harvest the rising sun, subtle meditative principle. The image of an inner room at sunrise a breeze blows a single white linen curtain .The room is symbolic of the inner meditative space the window is the slightly obscured view of some new idea about to be born symbolized by the rising sun. The goddess carved on the wall holds the closed style naos sistrum used in ritual the leopard skin also suggests ritual. This card may mean something as simple as morning ritual preparations for a new day a new beginning.
The object in the ace of wands is the sistrum an instrument whose rhythm and motion drives away fury, violence and rage. It was thought to get energy moving and symbolized the perpetual movement of the universe. The sistrum had specific rhythms that Egyptian musicians played for purposes of sacred rites, clearing negative energies and for praise. 

Ace of Cups — element of Water- direction south- The Egyptian the inundation period direction of reincarnation, rebirth and the stars that bring the rain, Water composite of all the other elements and is yet substance beyond all the others. The lotus cup is an actual relic of ancient Egypt.

3 seasons and 12 months
Deficiency (Shomu) April to June
Inundation (Akhet) July to October
Coming Forth or Emergence (Proyet) November to March. 

The Lunar Calendar
Season of inundation
Greek Name Egyptian Name Full Moon
1 Thoth- Thuthi — Sagittarius
2 Phaophi- Paopi- Capricorn
3 Athyr — Hethara — Aquarius
4. Choiak — Koiak — Pisces
Season of Emergence
5. Tybi — Tybi — Aries
6. Mechir- Merchir- Taurus
7. Phamenoth — Pamenot — Gemini
8. Pharmuthi — Parmuti — Cancer
9. Pachons — Pachons — Leo 
Season of Deficiency
10. Payni — Paoni — Virgo-
Each year Amun-Re made his journey to
Deir el-Bahri for the annual “Beautiful Feast of the Valley
a rather Bacchanalian festival .
11. Epiphi — Epiph — Libra 
12. Mesore — Mesore — Scorpio

The astrology signs listed are precessed lunar signs which means they are precessed back one sign and the opposite of what we think of as sunsigns. Its complicated but it really works.

And the 8 cross-quarter days which I have not found Egyptian names for yet
but I know they used them because their temples align to these auspicious days.


Краткие значения арканов (англ. язык):

The Journey into Egypt Tarot by Julie Cuccia-Watts

The Fool


This card predicts a leap of faith; it can also suggest stumbling upon something. It can also represent a person who was tricked into doing something. The Fool tends to look at things as if they are all good only to later discover there is a downside to everything. This card can also signify an initiate who is at the beginning of a significant life journey.

The Magician


In a reading, the Magician often represents someone who has the ability to use the things in their environment to make what they want happen. The Magician may also be representative of the necessity that is the mother of invention. This card asks us to keep your eyes open for what is lacking in this world. If you can identify what is lacking, this is likely the gift you were supposed to bring to the world. We are all creators; this card marks the spot where your role as a creator needs to begin. This is where you bring something new to a starving world; here you are the magic.

The High Priestess


In a reading, the High Priestess card is indicative of an issue in which you will need to keep your own counsel. You will need to handle this situation on your own. You may be called on to clear away something that has been a negative influence whatever it is you can handle it yourself, keep it to yourself, and if you’re so inclined, dream on it. You have arrived. The High Priestess has a talent for seeing exactly what is wrong in a situation and she has the power to set things straight. If the High Priestess is unable to remedy the negativity she will distance herself from it.

The Empress


This card represents a strongly sensuous woman. She is a nurturing, compassionate and loving mother and wife. She enjoys nature and gardening. She is creative and may represent a creative project that is about to manifest. When the Empress shows up in a reading, get ready for an energetic transformation. A creator may be consumed with the inspiration from a new creative endeavor. And the end result may be something far more complex than could have ever been envisioned at the start. Beauty, love and prosperity abound with this creative card. This card also implies sacrifice any creative endeavor whether it be motherhood or any other creative project, the creator must give up his or her own freedom to the commitment of the work that must go into the project’s completion.

The Emperor


In a reading The Emperor is a person who takes the lead in a situation; the Emperor is someone other people like to stay in touch with to feel connected. I have seen the Emperor illustrated as a window, symbolically demonstrating that the Emperor only sees a small picture of what is really going on. People like the idea that someone is in charge looking out for us. We like to think that this person knows what is going on, but in reality, a single person only experiences their own little window of reality, no matter who they are. It is important that we all speak and live our own truth otherwise we are stuck with a very small perspective. We all merely guests in the very big house of the Sun in which we live.

The High Priest


In The Journey into Egypt Tarot, this card takes a different view from traditional tarot decks. In this deck, the High Priest represents a person who opens your spiritual doors. The High Priest can give you permission to believe in what you are getting from your own dreams and visions. Use the surrounding cards to find out where you have been given permission to follow your heart and your bliss. The High Priest teaches us that the laws are written on your heart. Real spiritual leadership facilitates our true spirit to come through. A student who wants someone to give them all the answers will be frustrated with this sort of lesson. The High Priest may take you to task; this card expects a lot from you. It will teach you patience and to enjoy the journey. He may dismember you to help you remember.In traditional tarot decks, this card is often called The Hierophant, meaning ‘the highest spiritual authority.’ The pope would be an example of the Hierophant for Catholics. The card usually takes a hard line with regards to religious dogma and often describes someone who is rigid in dogma or beliefs.

The Lovers


More powerful for relationships than the 2 of Cups, the Lovers card goes beyond marriage and partnership. This card speaks of soul mates and the relationships that go beyond time. This card gives us clues to the origins of the cultural obsession to connecting sex to death rather than life. This card depicts a love that is so complete that those it connects will never be the same again. It is Life, Death, Love and Rebirth.

The Chariot


The Chariot card is a symbol that reminds us our culture is driven by two wheels, symbolized by the ‘right brained’ and the ‘left brained.’ These two powers, sometimes described as feminine or masculine, show up whenever movement is blocked. A stalemate is usually broken by the observation by a neutral party. When this card comes up in a reading, it suggests involvement of a man-made institution like a bank, state, federal or local government, or bureaucratic system. Biases may explain a lack of progress and growth, not unlike The Chariot a war machine with only one working wheel, where the rider can only spin in circles instead of moving forward.



The Strength card reminds us that the darkest moments can give way to new beginnings. Considerable inner strength is needed to transform a situation. This card represents a strong relationship that works together to create change. These relationships can be within an individual; they can be completely symbolic or they can be literal. This card represents the power of the subconscious, the intuitive and the feminine coupled with the power of the conscious, logical, and masculine. This card speaks of an alliance between female emotional strength and the symbolic male brute physical strength to create positive outcomes.

The Hermit


The Hermit represents a person who can shine light on a situation, someone who stands out and stands alone. In a reading, this card can also suggest the idea of taking some time alone to find focus and shine some light on a situation. This card is a symbol of the wisdom of old age, as well as the wisdom of stepping away from the crowd and looking at things from a different perspective. The addition of Egyptian symbolism to this card gives the hermit a creative side. He is the maker of new containers his power of fertility ensures new life and triumph over waste and decay. We can connect with the Hermit in ourselves by taking time to alone to create something or by taking a project from beginning to end like the sun journeys across the sky.

The Wheel of Fortune


This card may indicate a change of fortune; one day you are up the next day you are down. Try not to get too caught up in your own astrology. We are in a state of perpetual change. Learning to ride in the center of the wheel (rather than on the edge) will keep you off the merry-go-round. Trust that the universe is always on time and everything that happens is, in some way, trying to teach you something. The only thing we can truly count on is change. Stay flexible and adaptable; we are all playing by the same rules, even the ones who think we are not.



This card can refer to some kind of legal matter. It can also signify the search for or the delivery of justice. In a reading, this card may indicate a need to see the truth in a situation or to acknowledge the state of your own feelings. Test the feelings in your own heart; are they heavy or light? Being in balance doesn’t always mean that you will get what you want all the time. Justice is more in the order of what you need. Do you feel joy and balance in your own life? This is Justice.

The Drowned Man


This card marks a time of life in suspension; it is a time of seeking. This card is also known as the unappreciated person. It signifies a period of rapid internal growth with little to show the outside world for their efforts. This card signifies the period of waiting and stagnation between two major events.



The blending of the opposites or just blending two things, magic and alchemy are the power of a name, the magic that comes with using the right words to get others to believe and support your agenda. It also speaks of the suppression of appetite as Isis gets what she wants she restores Ra (the sun) regains his power. Here also there seems to be the need to have clarity in communication one needs to have a clear picture as well as words to know what the truth is. Words without the understanding of tone can have a very different meaning. In ancient times to know the secret name of an enemies god was to have power over that god and the enemy. To know the real name of something was to have complete understanding of it. When you get Temperance in a spread this may be the place where you find satisfaction in a situation where you were once seeking because of your hard work in research, you may have had to go beyond your comfort zone to get your answers. However in taking a risk you may transform a situation.



The death card represents complete and total change. In a reading, this card often represents an opportunity for a ‘do over.’ This new opportunity can be as all encompassing as new house, a new job, or a new relationship.

The Devil


This card signifies the karmic relationship, when this card is in your reading you should be prepared to learn a major life lesson from the person this card represents. This is not necessarily a bad card, it is a powerful card, be prepared to do some heavy shadow work. A part of you needs to be broken down for transformation.

The Tower


Contrary to the traditional Tower card the Journey into Egypt Tower speaks less of sudden catastrophe and jumps ahead to the rejuvenation that comes after the devastation. This card is symbolic of resurrection with qualities more like the traditional tarot Judgment card. This card symbolizes the powerful healing properties imbued in nature.

The Star


The Star card can suggest something with perfect timing, synchronicity and serendipity. The cards around this card will explain who or what it is that is ‘right on time’.

The Moon


In The Journey into Egypt Tarot The Moon card uses the idea of deception in a different way. It represents the 13th full moon in the year and all things related to the cycling aspects of life. The idea of deception comes from the concept of always aligning everything to the sun cycle, because the moon has its own very distinctive cycle if people take the time to discover this. The moon has it’s own path and it’s own logic, more subtle than the sun, quite like what we think of as the subconscious. In a reading this card enforces the idea that there are subtle forces at play, that a situation will unfold which will bring light to an occulted subject, the intuition will be in play and it may take a path that is rare, unexpected and enlightening.

The Sun


Always considered the most positive card in the deck, the Sun in The Journey into Egypt Tarot is the birth of light which comes at the darkest moment. The Sun is the signal of new beginning and the return of light. This card brings hope and gives sign that we have changed the momentum; Horus the savior is born! Though Horus has not vanquished Set at this point, we rest assured he has the potential to do so.



This card indicates that some kind of judgment is at hand. The illustration suggests the judgment may be self-driven, as the image of Osiris looks back at the viewer in the mirror. In Egypt, the pharaoh became Osiris after his death. This card may indicate that the spirits have a stake in what happens to us in life. The heart was thought to connect us to all other things. The heart was the only organ of the body that remained with the dead and it was the only organ weighed against Ma’at’s feather of truth.

The World


Everything. The best meaning for The World card is personal myth or personal worldview. When this card comes up in a reading, it is time to take a look at your personal worldview. Take a moment to consider your personal myth. We may not think of ourselves as having a personal myth, but every time you act out a family pattern you are playing out your personal myth. If you don’t believe in happy endings and love that lasts forever, then surely you are unlikely to find either, even when they present themselves to you. This is the way personal myth and worldview manifests in our daily lives. Families and cultures play out these patterns again and again; this is the source of personal myth and worldview.With time and patience, you can rewrite your script and change the pattern. You can, at least, start internalizing a better dialog about what you want to adopt as your personal myth. Life isn’t written in stone. You can shift the paradigm and change the future, often with the simplest of changes. Never let someone else write your personal myth for you.

Ace of Wands


As with all aces, the Ace of Wands signals a new beginning; this new beginning comes mentally. It brings inspiration, new ideas, new communication and a new paradigm. When someone is willing to do the work required to rethink a situation, this wand signals the magic of change for the better. With the Ace of Wands, we become empowered with the knowledge we need in our lives. The Ace of Wands reminds us that we are never locked into a situation if we have an open mind.

2 of Wands


This card represents a doorway or gateway to the far world. You will be offered a moment of clarity into and beyond your current scope of reality. Whether this card portends a broader vision and the raising of your consciousness or to taking actual steps into another dimension depends on which experience you are spiritually ready for.

3 of Wands


The 3 of Wands refers to an adventure into unknown territory, using new technology, and discovering new ideas. This is the card that tells you your ship has finally come in and what you have been waiting for has finally arrived. Because this is a card of air, you are most likely coming into new ideas rather than monetary gain. Expect inspiration and to see things from a new perspective. Put the past behind you and move into the future. Come home to you.

4 of Wands


Traditionally this card means celebration and coming of age. In a reading using The Journey into Egypt Tarot this card may be indicative of the proper use of such things as spiritual portals and the timing of events and celebrations that are in sync with the energies of the planet. If you are planning or working on a project you may want to take into consideration whether you are aligned to the waxing and waning energies of the planet. If you are doing spiritual work you also should consider these energies. Waxing light for building or for increasing consciousness, waning light for going within and tapping into the subconscious self, for releasing or letting go of things unwanted.

5 of Wands


This card signifies a challenge, or a mock battle. This card may be a clue that there is a mind game going on. This card could indicate that someone is playing with your head. It can be hard to tell the difference between a head game and a real battle. In a reading, this card lets you know that it’s all a game.

6 of Wands


In a reading this card comes up as victory in battle. The best way to win a battle is to outsmart your opponent.

7 of Wands


In a reading, this card can indicate a situation wherein an individual us outnumbered but still has the advantage. This card suggests holding to the higher ground and that the devil is in the details.

8 of Wands


This card puts you on notice; a message is eminent. The incoming message can be in any form. It could be an email or a handwritten letter; it could be, spoken or unspoken. It could be a message from beyond the worlds. The other cards in the reading will identify the source. In a reading, this card can also imply fast action.

9 of Wands


This card signifies potential energy or a time of waiting before activation. In traditional Tarot decks, this card is said to signify living so that one can fight another day. There is a sense that you have been given a promise that you will receive help when it is needed. Trust that there will be people on your path who will help you in your endeavors when the time is right.

10 of Wands


In a reading, this card tells us that while we are in a state of transition we are blind. When you have successfully shed your skin or at least when your head has emerged you will be able to see where you are going again. In a traditional tarot deck this card will give hope to the one carrying a great burden, it is a sign that a burden is about to be lifted.

Princess of Wands


In a reading the Princess of Wands indicates a person who is unique she likes to think of herself as a nonconformist and she project an independent nature. She doesn’t need anyone’s approval. She’s a bit of a malcontent. She seeks the company of people she considers to have status and will only serve others until she figures out how to get others to serve her. Her freedom is so important to her that she would rather live as a peasant among strangers than inherit a fortune with strings attached. She would rather strike out into the wilderness where she can start fresh, without compromises even if it means she must risk it all.

Prince of Wands


This card represents a man who has had some very lucky breaks. He may have cheated death and has had a lot of amazing help along the way from others. This is a man who is not afraid to reinvent himself. He is a prolific writer and reader. He has a hard time shutting off his mind and he needs little sleep. He is a teacher and a community leader. He is strong willed, and defiant of authority. He enjoys getting people to rethink their beliefs. He holds his own counsel and is very charismatic. He is also not afraid to take the law into his own hands if he thinks an injustice has been done. He has a brilliant mind but he must feel inadequate, as he has a near constant need to feed his ego.

Queen of Wands


The Queen of Wands shows us that all magic begins in the mind. Once you can imagine something, it is easier to see it though. The Queen of Wands will show you where your hidden talents are. She is able to walk between the worlds of what is and what could be. She has the ability to start from scratch and create something beautiful with very little resources. She may hold the key to the hidden creative places in your mind. She is a magician of sorts and has the ability to pulling the extraordinary out of thin air. She is also a keeper of lost secrets.

King of Wands


In a reading, the King of Wands signifies a politician, a writer, a wordsmith, a humanitarian, and a leader of a spiritual movement. The King of wands refers to a person who has the ability to work with others for the sake of humanity. This card also signifies the sources of the usurping of women’s power.

Ace of Cups


As with all aces, the Ace of Cups signals a new beginning. This new beginning comes emotionally; it brings excitement, new feelings, new romance, new depth and joy. When someone is willing to do the work required to open their heart, this cup signals new vitality in their relationships and better tomorrows. With the Ace of Cups card, we become empowered with the emotional connections we need in our lives. The Ace of Cups reminds us that we get back the love that we give.

2 of Cups


In traditional Tarot decks, this is sometimes known as the marriage card. This card represents partnerships, unions and reunions. In the Journey into Egypt Tarot, this card represents a sometimes short-lived, legally recognized partnership of marriage or business. This is similar but distinct from the meaning of ‘soul mates’ as represented in The Lovers card.

3 of Cups


This card puts a spotlight on our emotional connections to our tribe and to our food. The Three of cups bridges the polarities between what is good and bad. Good food, good relationships, good philosophies differ greatly from bad food, bad relationships and bad philosophies. Look to this card to see if the things that give you emotional comfort are healthy. This card also symbolizes the roles and relationships of women; it speaks to the sisterhood bonds around the caring for offspring, the roots of cooperation and civilization. The ancient mythologies with female metaphors support the idea that the earliest human bands may have operated more like the elephants or the bonobos, groups of related females working together on the task of feeding and rearing the next generation.

4 of Cups


This card puts you on notice that you are being offered something of importance. You may be too engrossed in deep contemplation to notice this opportunity. You may feel satisfied with your current situation and be oblivious to the very thing you have been seeking all along. You may feel resistant to take on an additional, external distraction right now but this opportunity is important.

5 of Cups


This card asks us to look for connections instead of feeling separate. This card tells us to take a wider view and not to get trapped by appearances but to feel with the heart and be open to the bigger picture.

6 of Cups


In traditional tarot decks, this card is thought of as the card of nostalgia. This card represents reminiscing about the past, or running into old friends. It is also a card of family dynamics and speaks to reliving and remembering the past, for better or worse. This card also represents places that carry memories as well.

7 of Cups


The 7 of Cups in a reading can mean too many choices I also like to see it as digging deeply into emotional issues. As the number 7 of initiation coupled with the element of water we can see this as an emotional trial. The cups below the surface of the water suggests there is much hidden beneath the surface in a given situation. In a reading this card would suggest taking the time to look deeply into a matter before making a choice. You don’t have to go in until you are ready take time to reflect.

8 of Cups


In a reading, The 8 of Cups predicts a spiritual journey, but it can also foretell of a short-lived but intense and karmic romance. This card indicates that someone is seeking something spiritual, and that their current life situation is lacking depth and spiritual meaning. They have their emotional cups in order and now they are ready to move on.

9 of Cups


In a reading the 9 of Cups will indicate where you will get your wish. But heed the warning to be careful what you wish for because you could get it and then you will have to be responsible for what you wish for. This card puts you on notice that you are about to get something you have been wishing for.

10 of Cups


The 10 of Cups represents the victorious family. This card tells of success after significant struggle. Good relationships require work learning to adapt to other people’s patterns and quirks can bring harmony. Remembering we are here to leave things in better shape than we found them is a good practice for ensuring a prosperous future for coming generations.

Princess of Cups


In a reading this card represents a strong willed and impassioned woman, her emotions can get the better of her. She is either your dearest friend or your most ruthless and vindictive rival depending on your status with her. At times she can seem heartlessly self-interested, cool aloft and even pretentious. Her dual nature can also make her a healing presence, a genius resource and a visionary. There are certain humans who always remain a paradox of mystery this birth placement is one. Perhaps it is the blending of fire and water elements that make these natives so hard to pin down and such a paradox.

Prince of Cups


This card indicates a person who is sowing seeds while trying to clear his own karma. The Prince of Cups is a mediator and doesn’t mind being the bridge to a new beginning. He is not easily manipulated and is able to see both sides of an issue. He is truly impartial without being apathetic. This Prince wants to do the right thing and manages to get himself into trouble anyway.

Queen of Cups


The Queen of Cups is usually known for her intuitive power. In traditional tarot decks, this Queen is often depicted scrying into her cup. The Queen of Cups can be an emotional card. When it comes up in a reading, be ready to get in touch with your deepest feelings. Remember that allowing ourselves to be flooded with emotion can be a good release. When the Queen of Cups appears in a spread there will be a lot of emotional work to get done.

King of Cups


The King of Cups is not afraid of a little drama; nothing seems to rattle him. He is sensitive to the needs of others. He is diplomatic and empathetic. He is a spiritual person and likes to participate in his own spirituality. He is passionate with the women he loves giving himself completely to his feelings. He is not afraid to give away his heart. This card can represent a man who connects to his animal nature and is not afraid to let loose.

Ace of Swords


As with all aces, the Ace of Swords signals a new beginning. This new beginning comes with the rush of the burning passion that comes when something near and dear is at stake. The Ace of Swords represents the moment when someone is willing to risk everything for what is right and to defend and protect what is sacred. This sword signals solidarity and the impassioned struggle, the sacrifice for a better tomorrow. With the Ace of Swords we become empowered with inner strength to fight for what we need in our lives. At the same time, the Ace of Swords cuts away what we do not need, allowing us to face a future free of those things and thrive.

2 of Swords


The 2 of Swords demonstrates the act of breaking a standoff. The one who wins knows that all we can ever do is break even. The one with the most knowledge will ultimately win. This card also suggests that if you doubt your connection to the greater universe and your place in it others can threaten your power. But if you stand in your power and believe in yourself you can attain the unattainable. What is truly yours cannot be taken from you. Conversely it also suggests that sometimes you have to do what you have to do to make things right as long as you take responsibility for your actions and are ready to accept the consequences of your actions and make things right again. There is nothing a mother would not do for the good of her child.

3 of Swords


The traditional broken heart of the mother… What external influences have washed over you and ignited you in a positive or negative way. Protect, conceal or seal the heart from corrupting influences. Listen to your heart in this situation as someone may be trying to manipulate or control you for his or her own benefit. This is a situation where you need to protect your heart.

4 of Swords


Traditionally this tarot card means rest, getting rest or can also mean a war memorial. In the Journey into Egypt Tarot the card meaning suggests what may lay beyond death in the cycle of life, decay leads to fertility and then germination and rejuvenation. The Egyptians planted the seeds mourned their loss and watched as the power of fertility would return from the dead. When this card comes up in a reading take heart, energy cannot be destroyed it can only change form. Beyond the sedate resting coffin of traditional tarot imagery this card says to wait for the return of all that you have lost in a new form.

5 of Swords


In a reading this card indicates a situation where a lie was told or some kind deception was occurring. The card indicates that the truth needs to come out eventually in order for the situation to make forward progress.

6 of Swords


If it is taken literally, this card suggests a journey by water. This card may also refer to a shamanic journey or a journey by a spirit who is crossing into the next world. All these types of journeys have commonalities. The traveler must leave something behind to retrieve something new, be it new information, new life or a new perspective.

7 of Swords


This card represents a thief, or someone who would steal from you. Whether things, energy or ideas are being stolen, the trick is to recognize when this is happening and protect your heart. This card may appear in a reading as a warning that time, money, things, energy or ideas are in need protection. When this card appears in a past placement, it indicates information about the energy or goods that were lost and how to prevent the theft from reoccurring.

8 of Swords


In a reading the 8 of Swords is traditionally about how we police ourselves or hold ourselves back. In this case, the card may illustrate a need to devise a plan that will create a place where one can advocate for your own interests. You may have to stay undercover until you are safe enough to reveal your intentions. If you have educated yourself enough to know what the motivations of your opponents are it will be easier to navigate to your goals. Having reached those goals you will find there is more negotiating to be done. Take heart as there are unseen things working in your favor. Your enemies will pave the way of their own demise and you will have the momentary victory.

9 of Swords


This card represents a dream so powerful it changes your worldview, your perspective of reality, and your life. For active dreamers, this is a prophetic and powerful portal to our past and future selves. It is also a card that can offer practical insight into problem solving in our everyday life. Dreams are teachers and can reveal our inner messages to ourselves that might have otherwise been over looked. In a reading this card will indicate a powerful dream.

10 of Swords


This card is traditionally interpreted as overkill. The 10 of swords card can be seen as someone betrayed and backstabbed. It can also be seen as a time to move on from a situation that is beyond hope. According to Ellen Lorenzi-Prince creator of the Tarot of the Crone, this card represents the end of denial. The 10 of Swords is placed in the calendar deck as the last week of darkening days before the winter solstice. The Ten of Swords represents the death of the old self, and the death of the weak sun. There is no choice but to move on into the new life and rebirth.

Princess of Swords


This is a formidable woman. At first blush this person is charming enthusiastic adoring polite but if you size her up based on these cushy inviting traits you would be mistaken. This person is intuitive, intelligent and street smart, she is more qualified for your job than you are. And she would have your job except that her enemies are great and have prevented her from showing her true self. Issues with food, weight and perfection will arise with this card all relating to issues of power or the lack of it. This person has overcome great pain, great humiliation and has come out of it by her own will and fortitude. She has interest in magic, alchemy, shamanism and all manner of occult mediums. Anything that can give her an edge in a world she would like to be the envy of. She may appear as part of a partnership or in service of others but in truth her life is singularly about her and she will bend those around her to suit her will in the nicest way of course unless they don’t submit to her in which case she is not afraid to use a bit of muscle.

Prince of Swords


In a reading, this card represents Shadow work. This card suggests that someone is being manipulated by people who are supposed to be protecting and providing for them, the result of which will ultimately ruin this person however the domino effect of one small act could bring about even greater ruin. The idea that my enemy’s enemy is my friend makes for strange bedfellows and is a tactic born from choosing fear over love. One huge lesson many people do not understand is that you cannot get power by taking it from someone else, power comes from empowering others. What you do to the web of life you do to yourself.

Queen of Swords


The Queen of Swords is the dark goddess, often called the widow, the whore and the bitch. She takes on the qualities of the grieving Nephthys, sister of Isis. She shows us the shadow of love and the pain of loss. In a reading, this card points to the burning emotions that may come out in ways that seem like anger and rage. For this queen, the sword has cut deep. Time, love and understanding is needed for healing.

King of Swords


This card represents the wise old warrior who still has some fight left in him. He has learned to pick his battles these days. However, this king does not suffer fools. He makes his decisions based on his experience and can be ruthless when necessary. He uses his sword as a tool more often than a weapon, as was his choice as a youth. In a reading, this person is calculating and smart. This king knows more about you than you could begin to know about him. Do not underestimate him. As hard as he seems, in the end he would give his life for the ones he loves.

Ace of Coins


As with all aces, the Ace of Coins card signals a new beginning. For this card, the new beginning comes physically; it brings abundance, new jobs, new homes, new growth and fertility. When someone is willing to do the work required to manifest change, this coin signals new prosperity and better tomorrows. With the Ace of Coins card we become empowered with the things we need in our lives. The Ace of Coins reminds us what we have earned and what we are owed.

2 of Coins


This card is the deja’ vu card. Every once in a while the physical world and the spiritual world will overlap and you get the sense that you have done this all before. Traditionally this card can also put you on notice to try to stay in balance, in your effort to be everything to everyone you may have taken on too many jobs in a single day leaving you juggling too many things at once and accomplishing nothing.

3 of Coins


This card represents the classic master craftsman and the ability to sculpt the natural world into something beautiful. The first step any craftsman must take when undertaking the challenge of creating something beautiful is to recognize the beauty in the natural world. This card may indicate a major life project. Where that project stands, (in its inception, progress or completion) depends on where the card falls in a spread.

4 of Coins


In traditional tarot decks, this card known as ‘the miser.’ This card can also be interpreted as having good boundaries. Ritual bathing and adorning can be interpreted as a sign of respect and protection. It is easier to nourish others if you have taken good care of yourself. These qualities also show a good example and teach good boundaries to others. This card implies stability and structure.

5 of Coins


In a reading, this card points out someone who is being marginalized. In a personal setting, it often seems reasonable to have good boundaries and avoid toxic relationships. It is a good idea to choose companionship that enriches your life. In the larger picture, including the world of government institutions, religion and politics, this sort of disenfranchising and favoritism is a recipe for rebellion.

6 of Coins


This card often represents a gift being brought into the world. This card can also refer to a gift that is about to be given or received. The gift may be genuine or it may have strings or ulterior motives attached.

7 of Coins


This card speaks to the rewards of hard work. In a reading, this card may tell you where you have tried to take shortcuts in pursuit of a challenging goal. The 7 of Coins reminds us that there are no shortcuts, no magic spells, no simple laws of attraction, and no easy path that can speed you to what you want. If you want something, you have to do the work. If you chose the easy path, you will always learn the painful way.

8 of Coins


The 8 of Coins traditionally the apprentice card. In a reading, the 8 of Coins may refer to someone who is taking classes and learning a new skill. The knowledge and skill is power; it needs to be shared. We are all enriched as a culture when we share knowledge. By becoming an apprentice, we inherit power the ancient spell in the ‘charm of making.’ Apprenticeship and learning are the magic words of wisdom that unlock the gift of knowing how to do a specific skill.

9 of Coins


In a reading, the 9 of Coins symbolizes the need for patience and to allow things to manifest. This card may tell us to let a situation gestate for a while; it may make sense to revisit the situation in nine months. This card can also symbolize our connection to the natural world around us, and the perfection of the imperfection. The number nine symbolizes the teacher or sage. This card may be holding up a mirror in order to teach you something about the most elusive being you will ever study: yourself.

10 of Coins


The 10 of Coins traditionally concerned with inheritance. A deeper meaning for the 10 of Coins may ask us to consider the many layers of humanity, the dissimilar and multifaceted aspects of the spiritual beings living in a physical world. Life is inherited. It is something that comes from our parents and their parents and so on and so on, until we find that we have all come from the very energy that formed the universe in the first place. We are not only part of the greater whole we could not be separated from it even if we wanted to be.

Princess of Coins


This card represents a brave and loving child who is skilled and brilliant with the ability to see how events will unfold. This child is protective of her family; she is a midwife, doula, prophetess and good sister. When she turns up in a reading, she often represents a loyal family member who will do what is right despite what the rules may be. The Princess of Coins is someone keeps ties to her siblings.

Prince of Coins


The Prince of Coins appears as an inspiration, with ambitions and with the promise of a bright future. However his wealth and opportunities are not a guarantee of his success; creative and successful people come from all economic and social standings. It is very important to teach children to be critical thinkers and problem solvers. A pampered prince who gets whatever he wants will grow up to be a poor leader, lacking empathy and creative thinking skills. Self-esteem is best earned through hard work and pride in a job well done. A creative child with a strong imagination can create a universe from the sticks and stones on the ground. This card can serve as a warning to be careful what you promise to your children; they may hold you to your word.

Queen of Coins


The Queen of Coins is a good card for indicating where or when you will get your power back. This card can point out the place in your life where you will need to regain or reclaim power. Ultimately, this Queen is all about wealth, power, security, and family bloodlines. If you cannot provide for her, she will lose interest pretty quickly. She is also very generous to those who she loves. She is a devoted patron of the arts and she loves beautiful things.

King of Coins


This card symbolizes a man of abundance and charisma. As the host of the party he knows how to show everyone a good time. There are times when he lives a charmed life; he is at the right place at the right time, resulting in a windfall. His personality is strong and he runs things with an iron fist. He likes to keep things moving. He lives life in the fast lane. He is organized and has good ideas. He can spot the alpha female in any situation and is ready to assist her. He has great timing. However, he may have struggles with authority; he doesn’t suffer fools. He is direct and sharp-tongued. His bite is as bad as his bark. If you are his friend, he will be there for you, if you are his enemy, he will follow you to the ends of the earth to vanquish you.

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