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Характеристика Modern Medieval Tarot — Современное Средневековое Таро

Оригинальное название: The Modern Medieval Tarot

Автор: Shayn Amber Wetherell, Tim Wetherell
Художник: Shayn Amber Wetherell, Tim Wetherell
Издательство: AGMuller; U.S. Games Systems
Производство: Швейцария; США
Состав: 78 карт + инструкция на англ. языке
Язык карт: английский
Размер карт: 70х120 мм.
Год: 2007 
ISBN: 978-1572815889 U.S. Games Systems

Традиция: Смешанная
Младшие арканы: иллюстрации
Масти: жезлы, чаши, мечи, пентакли
Карты двора: Паж, Рыцарь, Дама, Король
Нумерация: Шут 0 Сила 11 Правосудие 8
Категория: модерн, коллаж
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Современное Средневековое таро — это своеобразный микс из современности и средневековья, созданный с помощью коллажа и компьютерной графики. Без претензии на историческую точность, эта колода представляет собой скорее сюрреалистическое сказочное сочетание эпох.

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*Ссылки на магазины показывают, что там была замечена данная колода.

Тароман — карты Таро

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Обзор Modern Medieval Tarot — Современное Средневековое Таро

Перед нами сюрреалистический сплав старого и нового, Средневековья и современных цифровых технологий, собранный в Modern-Medieval Tarot. 
Несмотря на название «Современное средневековое Таро», авторы не пытались воссоздать исторические факты или использовать образы исторических личностей. 
Главные персонажи колоды — переодетые в средневековые костюмы актеры. Их драматический макияж и актерская игра помогают понять значения карт. 
Кропотливая работа авторов восхищает: колода получилась сильной и стильной. Готическая и романтическая атмосфера завораживает. 
Символика предельно выразительна: вместо символического «шума» каждая карта дает мощное прямое значение.
Старшие и Младшие Арканы подписаны. На обратимой рубашке изображен символ солнца на фоне земли. (аннотация магазина Тароматрикс )

Проработка / Обсуждение Modern Medieval Tarot — Современное Средневековое Таро

форум Эклектик Modern Medieval Tarot (англ)

МБК значения: Modern Medieval Tarot — Современное Средневековое Таро

0.A new beginning.  A fresh view on life.  Innocent views.  Not foolishness, but an ability to see that which others refuse to see.
1.Skill. The ability to control the physical world. A master of organization.
2.Knowledge and wisdom. The ability to cleverly manipulate others.
3.A good mother and housekeeper. A sensible and wise matriarch.
4.Rationality. A cold and calculating view devoid of emotion. Clarity unclouded by feelings.
5.Kindness. Traditional values regarding family and relationships.
6.Love. Marriage. Sometimes, a difficult choice.
7.Victory by force. Imposing your will on a situation.
8.Justice. Fairness. Honesty. An equitable outcome. 
9.Introspection. Reflection. A slow considered response is called for not hot headed rash action.
10.Luck. Something incredible, either good or bad, happens to you. A sudden shift in fortunes.
11.Strength of character. Resolve. You hold your position despite difficulty.
12.Self-sacrifice. Suffering now for benefit later.
13.The card doesn’t mean physical death, it means the end of a phase in your life and beginning of another.
14.Moderation in all things. Everything in its correct proportion. Nothing should be taken to excess.
15.Lust, greed. A base desire for material things. Jealousy of what others have.
16.Collapse of the current status quo. Abandonment of your current ideas in favour of a new outlook.
17.Hope and or a good omen. This is thought by many to be the luckiest card to draw.
18.Changeability. Nothing is certain any more. Your life seems to be founded on shifting sands.
19.Inspiration. A brilliant idea Suddenly you can see so much more clearly.
20.Conclusion. Completion. The final outcome of a situation.
21.Fulfilment. Everything you will ever want and need.

1.Creativity. You begin a new project.
2.The completion of a conquest. The end of a successful project, but now it is time for a change.
3.A business venture. A new project. Imaginative solutions to problems.
4.A happy home life. Contentment.
5.Difficulty caused by a partner. Mistrust.
6.Victory. Hard work brings reward. Accolades whether they are deserved or not.
7.Difficulty caused by opposition. Others getting in the way or failing to help.
8.A sudden rapid action. A dramatic change in circumstances.
9.Suspicion. Mistrust. Paranoia. Perhaps being a prisoner of your own doubts.
10.Final success occurs after much struggle.
Паж.News. A message perhaps regarding travel plans.
Рыцарь.New plans in distant places. Unexpected travel.
Дама.Creativity and accomplishment in the arts.
Король.An imaginative and creative man.

1.A true heart. Absolute love. Loyalty. Emotional and spiritual contentment.
2.Marriage. Partnership. Union.
3.Celebration. Success. Joy. A good time.
4.Distaste for further adventure. Bad experience makes you wary.
5.You are focusing too much on what’s been lost and not on what’s been saved. You see the glass as half empty not half full.
6.Nostalgia. Looking back into the past. Perhaps too much focus on past events.
7.Unrealistic expectations. Vein hope. Unachievable dreams.
8.Success walked away from. Abandoned gains. Having completed something well, you walk away.
9.You are close to fulfilling your dreams, but be careful not to mess it all up.
10.Joy and a complete life. Security in a relationship
Паж.A true-hearted youth.
Рыцарь.A charming man but perhaps a seducer who can’t be entirely trusted.
Дама.A sensitive and emotional person. Thought for others
Король.A kind hearted man who is easy to like and trust.

1.Power. Ambition. Strength of purpose.
2.The balance between friendship and falsehood. The loyalty of friends.
3.Heart break. The end of a relationship. Marital difficulties. Confusion over emotions.
4.Retreat. Taking time out to reflect.
5.Victory but without honour. Meaningless triumph.
6.A journey taken under unfavourable circumstances. Difficulty or a problem.
7.Achieving a goal by cheating just as the thief is gaining his sword in a dishonest manner.
8.A difficult time. Disagreement. Trouble.
9.Worry. Stress. Something plays on your mind.
10.Utter sadness. No hope remains. A final ending to a difficult situation.
Паж.A messenger. Unexpected news brings a change in your affairs.
Рыцарь.A person who rushes in without thinking. Brashness. Lack of thought. Decisive, but undiplomatic action.
Дама.Internal strife. Anguish. Depression. Bitterness over a loss.
Король.A strong person very much in command. A bully. Someone who takes charge.

1.Money. An inheritance. A project that will pay off well.
2.Financial difficulty. The failure of your ‘ship to come in’. The solution is financial flexibility.
3.Excellent reputation. A celebrated artist or crafts person. Recognition for your efforts
4.Good business sense. A moneymaking project.
5.Ruin. Impoverishment. The loss of a job or source of income.
6.Generosity. Kindness. Good will and an ability to see beyond yourself.
7.A lucky find. Effortless gain.
8.A gain made by effort not luck. Hard work being rewarded.
9.Wealth and financial security.
10.Good management and investment.
Паж.You receive financial news.
Рыцарь.An entrepreneur. A sound business person or venture.
Дама.Good financial judgement. A balanced head.
Король.A good businessman. Careful financial planning. 

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