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Таро Драконис — Tarot Draconis

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Тароман — карты Таро
Tarot Draconis draconis tarot

Характеристика Таро Драконис — Tarot Draconis

Автор: Davide Corsi
Художник: Davide Corsi
Издательство: Lo Scarabeo, Аввалон-Ло Скарабео
Производство: Италия
Состав: 78 карт + мульти инструкция
Язык карт: — (только символы)
Размер карт: 66×120 мм
Год: 2013
ISBN: 9788865272022

Традиция: Уэйт
Младшие арканы: иллюстрации
Масти: жезлы, чаши, мечи, пентакли
Карты двора: Паж, Рыцарь, Дама, Король
Нумерация: Шут 0 Сила 11 Правосудие 8
Категория: фэнтези; драконы

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Аннотация: Воплощая всю волшебную и примитивную чистоту могущественных крылатых драконов в своих иллюстрациях, художник Давид Корси  отлично объединяет эпическое великолепие классического фэнтези с легендарным  традиционным Таро Райдер-Уэйта. Есть предание, что драконы обладают всепроникающим взглядом — они могут зреть в небесах, в море, и на земле. В этой колоде призрачная мудрость драконов будет Вашим проводником в мистических и духовных мирах.

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Тароман — карты Таро

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Обзор Таро Драконис — Tarot Draconis

В продолжение года Дракона, 2013 год – год Змеи. Популярный Мир фэнтези, превосходная, детальная прорисовка картинок и полностью иллюстрированные Младшие Арканы. Колода следует традиции Райдера Уэйта. Колоды от этого автора: Таро Эльфов, Таро Универсальный ключ, Таро Вечная ночь вампиров.  (Точка Фортуны)

Отзыв о колоде Таро Драконис — Tarot Draconis Отражение на форуме Колесо Судьбы 

Обзор Таро Драконис Elena Lednei

Таро ДРАКОНИС обзор колоды Warm Taro

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Буклет Таро Драконис

0 – The Fool. In the dark cavern, the Dragon Egg pulsates with dampened energy. The power of potential.
Surrounded by hidden treasures and kingdoms yet to be explored. There is a person about to embark on a
voyage to distant destinations. For some he will be a madman, for others a conqueror.
1 – The Magician. A spell in a forgotten language; the elemental spirits are summoned to serve the evocator. All
the energies needed to create new realities are at your fingertips. This is the beginning of the adventure. Magic or
illusion: the choice is yours.
2 – The High Priestess. Hidden in the temple of the Ancient Dragon, the book conceals the Secret of Power. You
must prepare yourself before setting out on your quest. Gather energies, study the ancient language. Delve into
yourself and abandon your thoughts to the intuition of your superior self.
3 – The Empress. My sword is at the service of all living creatures in their infinite and growing number of forms
and of Life itself. I will confront perils with the courage to be myself, without prejudice. Creativity and sensuality
are my weapons.
4 – The Emperor. My shield will defend the confines of the Kingdom and contrast the work of the Creatures of
Chaos. I am the guide towards the construction of peace and stability. Merciless with my enemies, I am your
inner warrior that enforces the laws of the Universe.
5- The Hierophant. Between the columns of the Temple of the Ancient Dragon, the White Dragon indicates the
way to departing pilgrims. The journey will be difficult, but will inspire trust along the way. And the bridge on
the horizon is not a destination, but merely a point of passage.
6 – The Lovers. Divided by a spell, the Lovers are part of each other. No barrier can obstruct their search for
union. The soul can see beyond appearances; profound recognition of Self is the ideal to pursue. Some call this
7 – The Chariot. The heroes leave for battle, their spirits are pure and there is but one objective. The Dragons of
the Light and of the Darkness are both yoked to the cart, balancing opposites. Their boldness and courage will
lead them to success. And then the Dragons will have to be set free.
8 – Justice. From the lofty crag the Red Dragon sees all: glory and infamy, passion and cowardice. His gaze
penetrates the hearts of men, inspires responsibility for one’s own actions and guides them to an inner
understanding of their own destiny. Justice is not a condemnation, but rather an opportunity.
9 – The Hermit. Millennia of solitude to study ancient knowledge long forgotten and obtain the enlightenment of
wisdom. The fire of the torch belongs to the progenitor of all Dragons, perpetuated even today. Withdrawal into
oneself and into one’s own visions leads to the truth. And the truth is silence.
10 – The Wheel of Fortune. I am Uroboros , the Dragon of Eternity. I bite my own tail and in me everything
returns to itself. I am the eternal change that remains the same. He who aspires to eternity, solve my riddle. I
remind you that the heavens and Hell are not at war, but rather complete each other.
11 – Strength. A caress placates the fury that has terrorized the entire valley. Where knights in armour have
failed, a barefoot maiden has pacified the monster, staring into its eyes and recognising herself. One fear is
conquered, the dark force buried in the hearts of men rises to see the light.
12 – The Hanged Man. Above the Abyss, where the fire of primordial Chaos boils, the Dragon dips into a
nosedive. His sacrifice will be remembered as generous, or mad, His abandon and dedication to the idea cannot
bring death, but rather rebirth. Still waters flow into a new vision of the world.
13 – Death. Spectral, the Dragon Liche rises like a dream, obscuring the Moon, and its call from the swamps
raises the Undead, the incarnations of our worst fears. This is the Realm of putrefaction, where things are
transformed, and change. Let the old Self die and become another; this is its teaching.
14 – Temperance. Beyond the fogs of the wide mountains, the alchemist Dragon will drink from the icy waters of
Wisdom. The vapour created from the union of Water and inner Fire is the radiant spirit that transforms the Self
and the Universe. The search for the opposite is the first step towards inner harmony.
15 – The Devil. His is the reign of the fiery Abyss, where energies destined to forge Empires are born. With his
right claw he wrecks destruction, with the left he indicates knowledge. He has no face, because if you were
courageous enough to look at him, you would only see yourself.
16 – The Tower. The ancient fortress, the pride of the Kings of the West, crumbles under the impact of lightning.
Everything manifests its limit, and it is time for the walls that have resisted so long to collapse, making room for
the new. Rebirth is sometimes painful, but change cannot be avoided for too long.
17 – The Stars. Under new constellations, the Dragons of Light and Darkness await a sign. In their hearts of ice
and fire burns the desire for their lost homeland, beyond the confines of the heavens. But the memory of what
can no longer be attained creates the renewal of their immortal souls.
18 – The Moon. From the obscure heart of the Night, the Black Dragon descends into the Underworld of its soul.
He knows that the path to the abyss is marked with dreams and illusions, but also that it leads to self-knowledge.
No matter how important the voyage to the depths of the unconsciousness may be, his return is just as
19 – The Sun. Losing control, the forces of darkness withdraw when faced with creatures of the Light,
commanded by the might of the White Dragon. The spectral battlefield is no longer terrifying. The dark side has
been absorbed and a entire world is renewed, singing its joy.
20 – Judgement. The ancient song of the bards reawaken the Dragons from their slumber, the sign that a new
season is approaching. The prisoners are freed by order of the King. The knights respond to the call, meeting
their destiny. All that is on earth to the sky to find its fulfilment.
21 – The World. Now the cavern is illuminated with magic light. The treasures sparkle with fulfilled potential.
The Egg has hatched and its fate is sealed. By integrating opposites, the Dragon has confirmed its own identity
and set out on a new voyage. The end of this adventure is the beginning of a new one.

Wands – The Dragons of Battle
Ace – The fire of the Battle. Initiative. Courage.
2 – The globe of supremacy. Affirmation. Accomplishments.
3 – Conquest of the territory. Occasions. Willpower.
4 – Banquet. Satisfaction. Harmony.
5 – The challenge. Tensions. Difficulties. Competition.
6 — The glory of the King. Reaching an objective.
7 – The heart of the courageous. Combative audacity. Courageous in adversity.
8 – Fiery skies. Rapid changes. News. Travel.
9 – The Champion. Sincerity with others and with yourself.
10 – The stone of captivity. Overwhelming responsibility.
Knave – The Armigera. Enthusiasm. The joy of living and loving.
Knight – The Combatant of Fire. Creative Imagination. Idealism.
Queen – the Warrior Queen. Independence. Magnetic attraction.
King – The King of Condottiere. Self-confidence. Dynamism. Impatience.

Swords – The Dragons of Twilight
Ace – The wings of knowledge. Clarity. Intelligence.
2 – The end of the conflict. Equilibrium regained. Relief.
3 – The attack of the warrior demons. Misunderstandings and displeasures.
4 – The mausoleum of the Silver Dragon. Truce. Rest and healing.
5 – Total surrender. The humiliation of failure. Negative attitude.
6 — Vision at twilight. Seeking the truth. Restoring inner balance.
7 – The enchantress. Deception. Rumours.
8 – The abduction of the chosen one. Forced isolation. Mental closure.
9 – Trapped. Despondency. Fears.
10 – The crypt of Memory. Conclusion of a cycle. Detachment is sometimes liberating.
Knave – The Prophetess. Objective knowledge. A new way of thinking.
Knight – The Champion of Twilight. The strength of intelligence. Cynicism.
Queen – The Queen of the Supernal Heights. Coolness. Easy to understand.
King – The Winged King. Innovations. Inventions. Lack of empathy.

Chalices – The Dragons of the Dawn

Ace – The source of the Soul. Sensitivity. The flow of emotions. 2 – The secret garden. Spiritual and physical renewal. 3 – Celebration. Happiness. Good health. 4 – The replete Dragon. Boredom and dissatisfaction. 5 – The leave-taking. Anger for what has been lost. Stagnation. 6 – What you were is what you are. Teachings of the past. Life cycles. 7 – The spell. Illusions. Escape from reality. 8 – Nocturnal flight. Turning your back on the common place. Seeking new meaning. 9 – In the depths of the Soul. Immersed in joy. Gratitude. 10 – Dreams of glory. Security. Sincere friendship. Knave – The Princess. Desire. Imagination. Courageous introspection. Knight – The Soul Seeker. Compassion. Love of truth. Queen – The Queen of the Aurora. Empathy. Intuitive wisdom. King – The King of the Waters. Commitment to the cause. Kindness. Ambitions.

Pentacles – The Dragons of Wealth

Ace – The claw of the earth. Material wealth. Physical energy. 2 – The lords of change. Changes. Uncertainty. 3 – The pillar of realization. Consolidation through work. 4 – The coffer. Security and power. Promotions. 5 – The destruction of the amulets. Various kinds of difficulty. 6 – The Dragon of abundance. Unhoped-for-help. Over-coming crises. 7 – The abandoned fortress. A profound obstacle. Mistrust. 8 – The magical seal. Skill and self-discipline. Deliberation. 9 – Epiphany of the Golden Dragon. Material gratification. Joy. 10 – The gate to the Kingdom. A solid foundation. Wellbeing. Knave – The Sorceress. Sensuality. Greed for earthly pleasures. Knight – The First Knight. Tenaciousness. Seeking ownership. Jealousy. Queen – The Queen of the Woods. Fertility. Abundant growth. King – The King of the Harvest. Reliability and pragmatism. Avarice

Туз- Источник души. Чувствительность. Поток эмоций.
2 — Таинственный сад. Духовное и физическое обновление.
3 — Праздник. Счастье. Хорошее здоровье.
4 — Пресыщенный Дракон. Скука и неудовлетворенность.
5 — Прощание. Гнев за то, что было потеряно. Застой (стагнация).
6 — Кем ты был, тот тыт и есть. Уроки прошлого. Жизненные циклы.
7 — Заклинание. Иллюзии. Побег от реальности
8 — Ночной полет. Повернуться спиной к привчному (избитому). Поиск нового значения.
9 — В глубинах души. Погруженный в радость. Благодарность.
10 — Мечты о славе. Безопасность. Искренняя дружба.
Паж- Принцесса. Желание. Воображение. Отважное самонаблюдение
Рыцарь- Души-искатель. Сострадание. Любовь к истине.
Королева — Королева Аврора. Эмпатия. Интуитивная мудрость.
Король — Король Вод. Приверженность своему делу. Добротой. Амбиции.

Туз- Коготь земли. Материальное благосостояние. Физическая энергия.
2 — Властители перемен. Изменения. Неопределенность.
3 — Столб осознания. Укрепение через работу.
4 — Денежный сундук. Безопасность и власть. Поощрение
5 — Разрушение амулетов. Различные виды сложноcтей.
6 — Дракон изобилия. Неожидання помощь.Преодоление кризиса.
7 — Разрушенная крепость. Крупное препятствие. Недоверие.
8 — Магическая печать. Мастерство и самодисциплина. Неторомливость
9 — Богоявление Золотого Дракона. Материал вознаграждение Радость.
10 — Ворота в Королевство. Прочный фундамент. Благополучие.
Паж — Колдунья. Чувственность. Жажда земного удовольствия.
Рыцарь — Первый рыцарб. Цепкость. Поиск собственности. Ревность.
Королева — Королева лесов. Фертильнось. Обильный рост.
Король — Король урожая. Надежность и прагматизм. Алчность


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