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Unicorn Tarot — Таро Единорога

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Тароман — карты Таро
The Unicorn Tarot The Unicorn Tarot Set
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Характеристика Unicorn Tarot — Таро Единорога

Автор: Liz Hilton, Suzanne Star
Художник:  Liz Hilton
Издательство: US Games
Производство: США
Состав: 78 карт c инструкцией на англ.языке
Набор с книгой: 78 карт + 176 стр. книга на англ. языке
Язык карт: английский
Размер карт: 70×120 мм
Год: 1996
ISBN: 978-0880791427, набор 978-0880791991

Традиция: Уэйт
Младшие арканы: иллюстрации
Масти: жезлы, чаши, мечи, пентакли
Карты двора: Паж, Рыцарь, Дама, Король
Нумерация: Шут 0 Сила 11 Правосудие 8
Категория: Волшебные Существа, Фэнтези

Аннотация: Созданы Сьюзан Стар, иллюстрации Лиз Хилтон. 78 карт, освещенных грацией и волшебством мифического Единорога.

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Тароман — карты Таро

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Таро Единорога создано по легенде об этом мистическом звере с чистым белым телом и одним рогом посередине лба. Каждая карта показывает, по крайней мере, одного единорога, часто взаимодействующего с фигурой таким образом, что подчеркивает значение карты. Колода была создана Сюзанной Стар, известным психологом из Англии. Художница карт Лиз Хилтон, которая специализируется на фэнтези. Существует отдельная книга-компаньон для этой колоды называется «В поисках единорога».  www.learntarot.com 

«Таро единорогов» — это путешествие в волшебную сказку. Вашим советчиком станет мудрость, мысли будут легки и чисты, это поможет в поисках истины. Автор и художник постарались передать символику мифического животного, чтобы сила единорога помогла увидеть свет в своей душе и в душах окружающих.

Единорог — символ целомудрия. Его образ наделен положительными качествами: мудрость, чистота, сила. Знак единорога покровительствует девушкам, покоряясь им и защищая их. Изображения эмоциональны, что позволяет легко интерпретировать их. Преобладают мягкие, спокойные тона. Это Таро раскрывает двери в мир мифов и легенд о единорогах. Вашим советчиком станет мифическое существо, символизирующее духовную чистоту и искания.

МБК значения: Unicorn Tarot — Таро Единорога

The unicorn is a beautiful, enchanting beast. It is shaped like a fine, slender horse with a single spiralled horn emerging from the center of its forehead. This horn is said to be full of magical properties. As recently as the 19th century, traveling medicine men would claim to be in possession of powdered Unicorn horn, the remedy for many otherwise incurable illnesses. The unicorn stems back much further than that; the earliest mention of the magnificent beast is in the Holy Bible.
The complete tarot deck consists of seventy-eight cards that are divided into two sections: 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana represent the cycle of physical and spiritual forces that we encounter on our journeys through life, birth, strength, love, religion, death, and rebirth.
The Minor Arcana are believed to be the forerunner to the contemporary deck of playing cards, consisting of four suits: Swords — Spades; Rods -Clubs; Cups — Hearts; and Pentacles — Diamonds. Each of the four suits contains four court cards and ten pip cards numbered one (ace) through ten. The four court cards in each suit are named King, Queen, Knight and Page. The Minor Arcana cards generally represent occupations, social positions, and status.

Suzanne Star is a natural psychic. She was born September 17, 1962 in Southport, England. She attracted nationwide publicity when she became the first person to qualify for a government grant to set up business as a professional clairvoyant; however, this was debated by the House of Commons in London, and it was decided that no further grants should be awarded to anyone else wishing to set up business as a psychic. In 1991, BBC-TV made a film about Suzanne, and in 1993-4 she had a regular spot on BBC Radio as the «Psychic Agony Aunt.» Suzanne’s astrological predictions are regularly published in newspapers throughout the UK.

Liz Hilton was born in Manchester, England. Her mother was an artist, and always encouraged Liz to draw. Art is the only occupation Liz ever wanted to pursue; at 18 she won a scholarship to an Art college. However, she found school to be too design-oriented. She left to pursue fantasy art, such as fairies, unicorns, and mystical beasts.

0 THE FOOL — The Fool is naive and ready to take chances without thinking of the consequences. He dances along with his head in the clouds, not realizing that he is on the edge of a cliff. No one knows if he will fall, or turn in time to avoid falling. He lives for the moment. The unicorn is spiritual and wise; he sees the dangers that may lie ahead. He rears to catch The Fool’s attention, but will The Fool listen to the warning? Or will he rush ahead into what could be great trouble or strife? Remember the saying, «Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread.» Divinatory Meaning: When The Fool appears in the spread, it is likely that the questioner is quite enthusiastic about a situation; however, he may be in danger of jumping in feet first. He only thinks about the consequences afterwards, when it’s too late! There is a strong tendency that the Inquirer will let his emotions rule his head. Reversed Meaning: He is not only excitable, but is likely to be very foolish about the situation appertaining to the question in hand. You must advise extreme caution, and to avoid taking risks of all kinds, as your client cannot trust his own feelings right now and could be making a big mistake.
I THE MAGICIAN — The Magician is depicted juggling his tools. Each tool represents the four elements: Cups for water and emotions; Pentacles for the earth, practicality, and earthly wealth such as gold; Swords for the air element, representing intelligence /and strength. To complete the full set, The Magician holds his powerful unicorn horn rod, representing fire, in his left hand. This is his magical wand. The unicorn on the right side of The Magician is a wise, mature stallion. He appears to be watching The Magician’s every move. Although this is a very clever and quick-thinking man, one can never be sure what tricks he may have hidden up his long, flowing sleeves. This man is a saw unto himself; he is very powerful and extremely clever, but sometimes too cunning for his own good. Divinatory Meaning: Positive, quick-thinking, spiritually inspiring. Problems will be resolved as if by magic. Harness the positive energy. Flexibility. Self-control. Reversed Meaning: Caution is needed now, for in real life the Magnus could show himself to be a confidence trickster.
II THE HIGH PRIESTESS — The High Priestess is pure and virtuous with her long, flowing, virginal gown. She stands with her magic glowing Rod in her left hand. Gently trotting beside The High Priestess, the unicorn (who is attracted by her beauty) follows and protects her from any danger with his spiritual strength. This feminine goddess figure possesses great ‘psychic powers’ and depth of insight. Thus she has the ability to perform miracles. She may appear cool and aloof with hidden depths of wisdom, but she is a truly secretive beauty with hidden powers. She appears in real life as a business woman, maybe a counselor or psychic advisor. She is a listener with the spiritual gift to be able give advice regarding any problems.
Divinatory Meaning: A strong-minded, self-sufficient woman; if not mature in years, then mature in mind. Like the true goddess that she is, she is full of sexual personal magnetism; yet she remains untouchable to most wisdom and mystery. Reversed Meaning: The High Priestess may be misusing her powers of persuasion to manipulate people into doing what she wants; sooner or later she will be found out, and no good will come of it.
III THE EMPRESS — The Empress symbolizes Mother Nature, the fruitful goddess of fertility. She sits on her throne clothed in a long, red gown. She has a voluptuous figure and the glow of motherhood. At her feet is a petite baby unicorn. This is the Earth Mother, nature-loving, female. She represents the questioner’s relationship with his mother, wife, or homemaker. The female in our client’s life has a great bearing on the situation and may be trying to advise, guide, or over-protect the questioner. The Empress is the symbol of growth and fruitful outcome. She can also represent the harvest time and the ability to reap what you’ve sown. Divinatory Meaning: When The Empress appears in the card spread, it symbolizes fertility and growth, as well as pleasure and comfort. Reversed Meaning: Infertility, miscarriage. It could be an indication that the questioner is being over-indulgent and may be spending too much money, becoming wasteful. On the other hand, if the questioner is a man, this placing indicates he has an over-possessive wife or mother who may stifle his progress if he doesn’t get the situation in hand.
IV THE EMPEROR — In his right hand, The Emperor holds the magical and powerful unicorn horn as his Rod. A unicorn foal is at his feet, signifying that he is the great protector and master of all he serves. He sits on his throne dressed in his royal red gown. He is ready to advise as father figure, as he is a fair arbitrator of law and order. Although he may be married to The Empress, there is an air of aloofness around him. In real life he could be the sort of person who becomes wrapped up in his work or career. Divinatory Meaning: An authoritative figure. Mature. Male. Stability and control. Husband. Father. Strength. Reversed Meaning: Domineering, even tyrannical. Power hungry (misusing his or her authority) to the extent of hurting others. This will only serve to cause trouble for the Inquirer when someone tells you what they think of you.
V THE HIEROPHANT-The Hierophant is a spiritual ruler or God-like figure. This is a very wise, altruistic type of person. The young unicorn in the picture is about to rise to his feet and do as his master commands. Learn by your experiences; the path of life is a spiritual journey and we learn as we go along. Divinatory Meaning: Widen your breadth of vision. Make up your own mind about which path you should take. Sometime it helps to see other’s points of view and learn by their mistakes. Reversed Meaning: Feeling discontented with the way things are at this time. It is time to break out of your rut and find something new to inspire you.
VI THE LOVERS — Two lovers caress each other, succumbing to their strong urges to be as one. They are in a spiritual forest. Above them hovers a beautiful winged unicorn whose magical powers (unknown to the couple) have brought them together, as is God’s will. However, lurking on a branch in the tree is a serpent, an untrustworthy evil temper who likes to indulge in wrongdoings and causes disaster wherever he goes. The unicorn is protecting them in this card, representing true spirituality. Divinatory Meaning: A
relationship will develop. The potential is for the two to become ‘soul mates’ or even ‘reincarnated lovers.’ Marriage. Freedom of emotion. Reverse Meaning: Separation or even divorce, destructive relationship, maybe due to jealousy or possessiveness. The unicorn loses his power of protection when reversed, and rather than a spiritual love, the serpent indicates that this is more of a lustful, sexual attraction and therefore is doomed to fail.
VII THE CHARIOT — Two unicorns appear to be pulling in different directions, representing one’s mind pulling one way, while emotions are pulling the other way. Both need to be harnessed together in order for peace and tranquility to reign. The warrior is holding her flag erect to imply victory. She is determined to forge ahead with whatever it takes in order to be triumphant. She represents a self-sufficient go-getter who is highly motivated and doesn’t need help to achieve what she wants. Divinatory Meaning: Full steam ahead into a project that is being contemplated. Strength and ability to succeed even though the path ahead may seem a little bumpy at times. A decision may need to be made that will alter the course of the questioner’s life. Difficulties resolved. Victory. Reverse Meaning: Failure. The questioner may have little regard for rules and regulations or the law of the land. Through his power-hungry quest for achievement, he may appear ruthless, bringing on his own downfall. If related to travel, it may mean breakdown or trouble with a vehicle causing delay in journey.
VIII STRENGTH — A strong warrior sits astride a beautiful and highly spirited unicorn mare. She is rearing up and ready for action. There is a feeling of eloquence. The unicorn knows her inner strength and
has no need to prove herself. Although the unicorn is one of the most placid spiritual beasts, there is no doubt that her advantage above all other beasts is her long powerful horn in the center of her forehead. Any two-horned animal would be no match for the supernatural unicorn. Divinatory Meaning: Strength, spiritual protection of the unicorn, personal magnetism. Forge ahead to achieve victory, energy, good health. ‘Strong silent type’ of person, who is steadfast and loyal. Reverse Meaning: A weakening of strength is indicated by the surrounding cards; mentally, through stress, or physically, bringing a warning of ill health. Negative energies could turn to aggressiveness.
IX THE HERMIT — This card portrays The Hermit as a wise old man, resembling a monk. He is standing on the top of the highest spiritual path, winds of time swirling like mist around his magical Rod. He holds the lamp of spiritual enlightenment to guide his way. By his side stands an unfettered unicorn equally as wise, a spiritual companion to The Hermit, bringing with him his own inner reflection. The wondrous beast does not need to speak, for the wise old Hermit knows everything. Divinatory Meaning: When the spiritually unfettered unicorn comes to the Inquirer with The Hermit card, it is an indication of time for reflection. This may come as a period of study and learning, in order to better oneself, improving one’s quality of life. Meditate, enroll in a course, or seek advice and direction from a learned source. Reversed Meaning: Feeling alone. You versus the world. Failure. Immaturity.
X WHEEL OF FORTUNE — The Wheel of Fortune depicts a dark, mysterious woman crouched down with a large wheel in her hands. She looks as though she is about to spin it on the ground like a coin, to see if it will come up heads or tails (as gamblers do when tossing a coin for heads or tails). Behind the woman stands the golden spires of a castle. This can indicate the good fortune and prosperity that The Wheel of Fortune may bring. On the other hand, the blood red rose in the foreground is a picture of beauty; but if you are tempted to pick it, be warned: the poisonous thorns on the stem will harm you. The spiritual unicorn sits in excited anticipation by The Wheel. This magical beast seems to have a smile on his face as if he knows the outcome already. Therefore, trust in the unicorn and be guided by fate. Divinatory Meaning: There is no such thing as a coincidence in the eyes of the unicorn. Everything that happens in life happens for a reason. However, sometimes we are not aware of what may be in store for us. Expect the unexpected, or a sudden change. Good fortune. Reversed Meaning: Bad timing can lead to disastrous consequences; take heed! A fortune may be lost, causing frustrations, set backs, and delays. Bad luck.
XI JUSTICE — The Justice card depicts balance and harmony, as a strong-minded goddess figure stands in between two beautiful, highly spiritual unicorn pillars, symbolizing power, strength and unity. In one hand, the goddess holds the scales of Justice, law, and order. In the other hand, she holds the spiritual sword of strength and fairness, indicating that all things are taken into consideration. Justice will overcome, and the right solution will be found. The sword and scales portrayed here indicate physical justice, while the pair of unicorn pillars stand for spiritual, or even karmic justice, reminding us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Divinatory Meaning: Dealings with authority figures, members of council or legal matters pending. The outcome will be successful and fair. Equity. Virtue. Honor. Just rewards. Reversed Meaning: Injustice, perhaps even prejudice. Proceed with extreme caution, or the result may be your own undoing. Bias. False accusations.
XII THE HANGED MAN — Before he can proceed, The Hanged Man must experience self-sacrifice. For now, the stone effigies of the spiritual unicorn have risen up from the ground, holding him fast to make him stop and think. «I am at a crossroads in my life now!» he says, «I cannot go back, I can only go forward!» He is right, but he needs to think carefully because he is in a stand-still period, whether he wants it or not. Divinatory Meaning: Bide time. Change. «Out with the old, in with the new.» Sacrifice. Readjustment. Reversed Meaning: When The Hanged Man appears reversed in a spread, the Inquirer is ready to take the unicorn by the horn. He has been through his ‘lost soul’ period, due to circumstances beyond his control, and is now ready to take some positive action.
XIII DEATH-Death is depicted by the Grim Reaper, standing in barren, desolate lands. No sun shines, no birds sing. The dried ground is parched and cracked. All one can see remaining is the skeleton of the spiritual unicorn, faithful and true even beyond death itself. It is said that the only way to kill a unicorn is to chop off his magical horn, for without it he has no strength nor will to survive. Therefore, the picture denotes the beginning of spiritual recreation of the unicorn. Divinatory Meaning: The end of a phase in life and the start of a fresh, although not necessarily the death of a person. Transformation. Loss. Failure. Reversed Meaning: Decaying situation. Stagnation. Near death experience.
XIV TEMPERANCE — High in the spiritual retreat of the mountains the Angel of Temperance stands, carefully pouring the waters of life from one chalice into another. She cannot afford to spill any, as the waters of life represent the emotions and life force of mortals, so she takes great care. A unicorn foal lays in front of her, partially emulating the angels’ qualities of hidden energies and spiritual strength. Divinatory Meaning: Do nothing at this time. Moderation. Good omen. Everything comes to those who wait. Patience is a virtue. Reversed Meaning: Impatience, impulsiveness and over-reaction. Frustrations.
XV THE DEVIL — The Devil card portrays a young girl and unicorn in shameful submission to the lustful evil powers of the devil. Crouching down on a rock, the unicorn and the girl seem powerless to do anything about their imprisonment. They are suspended in no-man’s land, appearing to have nowhere to run. The Devil himself is a menacing-looking beast, part human, part animal, with long black claws. It is possible that the girl could have escaped this terrible ordeal if she had not succumbed to her basic animal instincts. She should have listened to the higher spiritual guidance of the unicorn, who has remained by her side in her time of woe, ever faithful. Divinatory Meaning: Shake up. Troubles. Wallowing in self-pity. Disruptive influences leading to loss, if great care is not taken. Reversed Meaning: The Inquirer is better able to conquer any weaknesses, even drinking, smoking, gambling, or drug abuse. Light is at the end of the tunnel now, as the spiritual unicorn gathers the strength to bring you out of this stagnation period.
XVI THE TOWER — The Tower card depicts a large stone monument of a unicorn tower. Explosions coming from the unicorn’s horn create tumbling rubble and shaky foundations. From this picture we see that two people have lost their footing, due to the disruption. One man is already lying motionless on the ground as if dead. The other person is falling from the tower to his fate. Divinatory Meaning: Shake up. Disruptive influences. Misunderstandings. Severing ties. Bankruptcy. Downfall. Reversed Meaning: Stuck in a rut. Unhappy situation. Unable to make a change.
XVII THE STAR — The Star card depicts a beautiful, virtuous young woman sky clad, kneeling down by the deepest blue healing waters. At one time, this river was not safe for drinking, but the young unicorn who is pure body and soul cleanses the water with his magical horn. The power of the unicorn’s horn is so strong that not only does he cleanse and bless the water, he also has the spiritual ability of purification and turns the water into healing waters full of healing properties. The Lady of the Star pours water into the river from her pitcher/She looks dreamily into the glistening water, as if she were wishing for her dreams to come true. Behind her shines a star so bright that it illuminates the land, granting wishes for the pure of heart. This is a most spiritual card, portraying the higher spiritual side of ourselves. Divinatory Meaning: Optimistic outlook. Dreams become reality. Good fortune; perhaps windfall. Reversed Meaning: The implications are rather negative. Hopes are dead. Dreams have not come true. Disappointed or disillusioned.
XVIII THE MOON — A minstrel in the picture is gently strumming his mandolin in an attempt to woo the woman who stands with her hand on her hip, looking quite unsettled. She doesn’t feel as though she is in complete control of the situation. She is compelled by the spiritual unicorn and the full moon, and drawn by the soothing music. However, she is prone to mood swings, symbolizing woman’s emotions being turned upside down. On the floor, a crayfish has crawled out of his dark pool to see what is going on; this dark, mysterious creature represents our own hidden suspicions or insecurities, the things that can sometimes play on our minds. The unicorn is rearing up at the full moon, indicating spiritual awareness and a completion to be drawn into an experience that could be spiritually enlightening. Divinatory Meaning: Subconscious feelings becoming confused by other emotional disturbances. Insecurity. False friends. Slander. Disillusionment. Reversed Meaning: There could be an indication of drug abuse or alcoholism, in an attempt to escape. Untrustworthy person.
XIX THE SUN — The Sun card signifies joy and happiness. In this card, two young people are contentedly caressing each other. Meanwhile, the beautiful white unicorn, a symbol of purity and spirituality, stands proudly on the hilltop looking at the bright sunshine, representing fulfillment and success. The Fool has traveled far and experienced many things; he has become wise, and consequently reaches for inner fulfillment and self-realization. The Fool has accomplished what he set out to do; he has attained his goal. The spiritual unicorn reminds us of our spiritual selves and the essence of life. Divinatory Meaning: Success and fulfillment. Attainment of goals. Health, wealth, and happiness. Reversed Meaning: Lack of strength. Illness. Loneliness. Broken engagement. Canceled plans.
XX JUDGMENT — The High Priestess is in judgment as she rises up from the ground with her arms outstretched as if to give praise to the powers that be.
She possesses great depths of insight and knowledge of the supernatural, with the abilities to perform miracles bringing about joyful resurrection. At each side, she has conjured up the unicorns who are attracted by her virtue. They rear up on their hind legs as if to salute her and obey her every command, for they are her servants of the light. And so The Fool has almost come to the end of his journey. He has accomplished his task of the lessons of the Karma, and is well-balanced now, with a good sense of judgment. He has to face making a decision between reincarnation or moving up to a higher plane; the choice is his reward. He has awakened to his higher self, as we all must learn to do, given time. Divinatory Meaning: Judgment being made in one’s favor. Repent and forgive. Rebirth. Improvement. Reversed Meaning: Poor judgment. Disappointment. Theft. Divorce. Procrastination.
XXI THE WORLD — The spiritual woman dances with the unicorn. She holds the world in her hand. We have now come full circle, and The Fool has chosen to begin his journey on a higher path; as is the beginning so is the end. Everything in life must come full circle: birth, life, death, rebirth. The woman in this picture has learned to listen to the inner voice of the unicorn and dances to a distant tune. Together, they can rise above the material plane and are able to see everything in clearer perspective. Divinatory Meaning: Completion. Fulfillment. Synthesis. Held in high esteem by others. Success. Reversed Meaning: Failure to complete what one has begun. Disappointment. Superficial vision.
The Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards split into four suits represented by Cups, Rods, Swords, and Pentacles, much like the Hearts, Clubs, Spades, and Diamonds found in playing cards.
ACE OF CUPS Divinatory Meaning: New love. Meeting a soul mate. Emotional reason to celebrate. When card is near Empress, it may signify a birth. Reversed Meaning: Emotions are ruling head. Rushing headlong into a new situation. Delay.
TWO OF CUPS Divinatory Meaning: Loved one has strong influence over the Inquirer. Romantic or business partnership. Heed sound advice from friends or family. Reversed Meaning: Minor dispute or lovers’ tiff. Minor or temporary setback in a romantic relationship. Unreciprocated love.
THREE OF CUPS Divinatory Meaning: Celebration. Party. Wedding. Reversed Meaning: Overindulgence. Frivolity. Promiscuity.
FOUR OF CUPS Divinatory Meaning: Disappointment. Unrecognized opportunity. Reversed Meaning: Motivation. Ability to work out disappointing relationships or work situations.
FIVE OF CUPS Divinatory Meaning: Hope for the future. Learn valuable lesson from past experiences. Reversed Meaning: Troubles are ending. Acceptance. Spiritual growth.
SIX OF CUPS Divinatory Meaning: Children take a prominent role. Old friend from the past will return. Reunion. Reversed Meaning: Living in the past. Leave behind past loves and experiences and move toward the future.
SEVEN OF CUPS Divinatory Meaning: Confusion. Patience. Seek creative outlets. Reversed Meaning: Order. Understanding. Priorities in perspective. Clear judgment.
EIGHT OF CUPS Divinatory Meaning: Change of heart. Loneliness. Good things must come to an end. Do not become disillusioned. Reversed Meaning: Unable to make a firm commitment due to insecurities. Fear of becoming too close. Must learn to trust again and strive to achieve goals and recognition.
NINE OF CUPS Divinatory Meaning: Fulfillment of wishes. Happiness may be temporary. Reversed Meaning: Delay in attaining goals. Need to be more realistic in desires.
TEN OF CUPS Divinatory Meaning: Harmony. Spiritual love. Close friends. Ability to give and receive love. Happy families. Support. Reversed Meaning: Misunderstanding. Quarrels. Breakdown of communication. Incompatibility.
PAGE OF CUPS Divinatory Meaning: Emotional happiness. Invitation. If surrounded by a positive card, it may mean a celebration or marriage. If surrounded by a negative card, it may be indicative of a separation. Reversed Meaning: Delays in communication. Advisable to spend more time away from friends and colleagues.
KNIGHT OF CUPS Divinatory Meaning: Signifies a gallant man. Marriage or proposal of an emotional nature. Reversed Meaning: Charming man who breaks hearts easily.
QUEEN OF CUPS Divinatory Meaning: Loving and giving woman. Comfort. Confidante. Feminine intuition or psychic abilities. Reversed Meaning: Emotions rule head. Need to gain clear perspective. Need to stop living according to other people’s desires, and stop allowing others to take advantage.
KING OF CUPS Divinatory Meaning: Mature, trustworthy man. Father figure. Sensitive to emotions. Confidante. Reversed Meaning: Possessiveness. Jealousy. Need to be more secure and positive about future. Everything in moderation.
ACE OF SWORDS Divinatory Meaning: Victory over problems. End of a difficult phase. Start of a new phase or change of life. Reversed Meaning: Frustrations and setbacks. Need to be patient. Answer to a question is «no.»
TWO OF SWORDS Divinatory Meaning: Lack of clear perspective. Problems with health or relationships. Reversed Meaning: Differences will be resolved. Harmony restored. Learn to give and take.
THREE OF SWORDS Divinatory Meaning: Heartache. Misery. End of relationship. Reversed Meaning: Recovery from illness or emotional heartache.
FOUR OF SWORDS Divinatory Meaning: Strong need for rest. Reversed Meaning: Recuperation and recovery.
FIVE OF SWORDS Divinatory Meaning: Threat of jealousy and betrayal. Trouble with an old enemy. Reversed Meaning: Victory over personal problems, slander or jealousy.
SIX OF SWORDS Divinatory Meaning: Stress and pressure. Optimistic outlook. Reversed Meaning: Impaired judgment and logic. Potential to repeat past mistakes.
SEVEN OF SWORDS Divinatory Meaning: Tricky situation requiring great care. Treachery and deceit. Reversed Meaning: Return of something lost or taken. Resolution of conflicts.
EIGHT OF SWORDS Divinatory Meaning: Trouble in health, wealth, or emotional happiness. Tendency to make matters worse than they are. Reversed Meaning: Inquirer is his or her own worst enemy. Use strength to break out of a rut.
NINE OF SWORDS Divinatory Meaning: Worries and fears are being blown out of proportion. Need to worry less. Reversed Meaning: Strength to rise above problems. Emotional recovery.
TEN OF SWORDS Divinatory Meaning: Negative situation has occurred. Accept what cannot be changed. Worst is over. Reversed Meaning: Loss or setback is over.
PAGE OF SWORDS Divinatory Meaning: Young, witty, creative person. Need for constructive criticism. Reversed Meaning: Quick to criticize. May lead to discord, offense, or lack of cooperation from other parties.
KNIGHT OF SWORDS Divinatory Meaning: Gallant, dark man. Opinionated and headstrong. Do not hesitate to stand up and speak out for oneself. Reversed Meaning: Sharp words. Aggression. Threat of violence.
QUEEN OF SWORDS Divinatory Meaning: Strong-minded and self-sufficient woman, perhaps — a widow. Headstrong and efficient person. Source of inspiration. Reversed Meaning: Bitter woman. Lack of trust or emotional peace.
KING OF SWORDS Divinatory Meaning: Wise, mature, professional man. Intellectual genius. Self improvement. Reversed Meaning: Power-hungry. Morally bankrupt. Selfish, manipulative person.
ACE OF RODS Divinatory Meaning: New beginnings. Fresh ideas. Opportunity to branch out. Birth. Reversed Meaning: Setbacks and delays. Waste. Need to reconsider plans and ventures.
TWO OF RODS Divinatory Meaning: Lessons learned. Knowledge gained. Time for change. Reversed Meaning: Strong differences of opinion.
THREE OF RODS Divinatory Meaning: Reassessment of associations. Decide what is best or what is holding one back. Reversed Meaning: Postponement. Creative block. Delay or cancellation of plans or travel arrangements.
FOUR OF RODS Divinatory Meaning: Marriage. Love. Partnerships. Reversed Meaning: Joy. Happiness. Different points of view.
FIVE OF RODS Divinatory Meaning: Differences of opinion. Squabbles over trivial matters. Hostile environment. Reversed Meaning: Relief. Calm after a conflict.
SIX OF RODS Divinatory Meaning: Victory over personal problems. New venture or change of direction. Financial or emotional success. Reversed Meaning: Defeat. Shattered hopes. Loss.
SEVEN OF RODS Divinatory Meaning: Perseverance. Victory. Survival. Reversed Meaning: Struggle. Battle weariness. Need to believe in oneself.
EIGHT OF RODS Divinatory Meaning: Message or news. Opportunity to expand or grow. Reversed Meaning: Miscommunication. Inability to judge or to make decisions.
NINE OF RODS Divinatory Meaning: Patience. Need to remain calm. Insecurity. Ostracism. Reversed Meaning: Risk of rushing headlong into a project or situation. Impetuosity. Need to think twice before acting.
TEN OF RODS Divinatory Meaning: Danger of taking on more than one can handle. Reversed Meaning: Rid oneself of obligations and responsibilities. Opportunity to relax.
THE PAGE OF RODS Divinatory Meaning: Young, enthusiastic person. Strong will. Determination. Success. Reversed Meaning: Opinionated. Headstrong. Full of demands.
THE KNIGHT OF RODS Divinatory Meaning: Strong mindedness. Nonconformist. Movement and travel. Reversed Meaning: Delays. Need for patience. Aggression.
THE QUEEN OF RODS Divinatory Meaning: Strong-minded, self-sufficient professional woman. Natural leader. Need to adopt a dynamic and assertive approach. Reversed Meaning: Energy is spread thin. Fiery temper.
THE KING OF RODS Divinatory Meaning: Clever, self-made man. Talkativeness. Determination. Reversed Meaning: Lack of patience. Volatile temper. Inability to see others’ point of view.
ACE OF PENTACLES Divinatory Meaning: Financial opportunity or windfall. Business advancement. Reversed Meaning: Frustration in a new venture. Loss of money.
TWO OF PENTACLES Divinatory Meaning: Extra responsibility/Decision needs to be made. Reversed Meaning: Lessening of work or responsibilities. Breaking free from a partnership.
THREE OF PENTACLES Divinatory Meaning: Advancement in career. Success. Reversed Meaning: Boredom with work situation. Need for change.
FOUR OF PENTACLES Divinatory Meaning: Caution with money. Reversed Meaning: Stinginess. Over protectiveness of possessions and emotions.
FIVE OF PENTACLES Divinatory Meaning: Financial struggle or frustration. Possible psychosomatic or genuine illness. Reversed Meaning: Prosperity. Security. Return to work.
SIX OF PENTACLES Divinatory Meaning: Entitlement to financial assistance. Reversed Meaning: Generosity with money, often to a fault.
SEVEN OF TENTACLES Divinatory Meaning: Perseverance in the face of adversity. Overcoming frustration related to work. Reversed Meaning: Unexpected expenses. Need to be conscious of security, and check all monetary transactions.
EIGHT OF PENTACLES Divinatory Meaning: Skills need to be used to their best advantage. Attain goals that are related to your talents. Reversed Meaning: Loss of interest in work. Need to find new interests or occupations.
NINE OF PENTACLES Divinatory Meaning: Fondness for luxury and the comforts of home. Financial and emotional security. Reversed Meaning: Financial loss. Danger in property matters.
TEN OF PENTACLES Divinatory Meaning: Financial security. Strong family bond. Peace and harmony at home. Reversed Meaning: Trouble with property or inheritance.
PAGE OF PENTACLES Divinatory Meaning: Good news. Attainment of goals. Positive academic results. Good financial news. Reversed Meaning: Insecurity. Lack of self-confidence. Disappointing financial news.
KNIGHT OF PENTACLES Divinatory Meaning: Down-to-earth man. Security. Consciousness. Offering or proposal. Reversed Meaning: Need to work less.
QUEEN OF PENTACLES Divinatory Meaning: Wise, trustworthy woman. Counselor. Reversed Meaning: Materialism. Insecurity. Social climber.
KING OF PENTACLES Divinatory Meaning: Hardworking, professional man. Financial advisor. Need to be less serious and more lighthearted. Reversed Meaning: Be wary of schemes to make money quickly. Stubbornness. Possessiveness.

1. When the Inquirer has shuffled the cards well, ask him to split the full deck in half with his left hand.
2. Place the bottom half of the split deck on the top.
3. Ask the Inquirer to pick ten cards from anywhere in the deck, and place them face down in a pile on the table.
4. Starting with the bottom card, begin placing the cards on the table in the order shown below.
1. The first card represents the Inquirer, and is placed in the center of the table.
2. The second card represents the situation crossing the Inquirer. In other words, this card should give you an indication as to what is worrying the Inquirer at the time of the reading.
3. The third card indicates the foundation of the question. Placed directly below the first two cards, it indicates whether the Inquirer is treading on shaky foundations or is secure in stable surroundings.
4. The fourth card indicates past influences that may still be affecting, or even be the cause, of the Inquirer’s present situation. This card is placed to the left of cards one and two.
5. The fifth card is what crowns the Inquirer. This card is placed directly above the first and second cards, indicating how the Inquirer appears to the outside world.
6. The sixth card is placed to the right of the first and second cards. This card represents near future trends, and possible happenings yet to come that could have a bearing on this situation.
7. The seventh card is placed lower down, to the right hand side of the first cards. It begins the line of cards that will ascend straight up in a row on this side. The card itself portrays the subconscious feelings pertaining to this question, and how the Inquirer really sees himself.
8. The eighth card is placed above the latter. This card pertains to the Inquirer’s relationship with his or her friends, and provides information regarding jealousy or support from friendships and relationships.
9. The ninth card is placed above the latter. This card describes the Inquirer’s hopes and fears about the present situation.
10. The tenth card is placed above the latter. This card foretells the final outcome to the present situation. Interpret the cards individually, but also look at the whole picture in order to clearly understand the outcome.  

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